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Master of Public Affairs

The Master of Public Affairs program is an interdisciplinary, professional program that prepares students for positions in local, state, or federal government, quasi-governmental service, or the nonprofit (including philanthropic) arena. It broadens students’ comprehension of the economic, environmental, political, and social context in which the public servant works. The Master of Public Affairs is offered in two modalities – residential or online. The course of study requires completion of:


The curriculum of this program as contained in the core requirements encompasses preparation in a broad range of skills relevant to the operation of public or nonprofit agencies. It is based on the academic disciplines but not limited to any one. It is also problem-oriented, bringing the disciplines to bear on critical social, environmental, economic, and administrative issues.

Although the environment of public service is diverse and changing, effectiveness in that environment requires the development of special skills attained through detailed study in a chosen field of concentration. The fields of concentration span the variety of professional specialties found in public service. Thus, the program provides expertise in the core requirement and in a specific concentration area, as well as a general working knowledge of public affairs.

The M.P.A. program is fully accredited by the Netwok of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA).

Fields of Concentration

Concentrations give students focused educational experiences in substantive areas of interest. Concentrations offered on the Bloomington campus are:



General Elective Courses

Graduate courses, or undergraduate courses approved for graduate credit, may be used to complete the overall degree requirement of 48 credit hours.

Accelerated Master of Public Affairs

This program allows the School of Public and Environmental Affairs’ top undergraduates to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degree in five years. To be considered for this program a student must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.5, completed 96 undergraduate credit hours, and satisfied all general-education and School of Public and Environmental Affairs undergraduate core requirements. Because of the specialized nature of this program, potential applicants should contact the Bloomington undergraduate and graduate program director for details.

Academic Bulletins

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