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Indiana University founded the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) more than 40 years ago to prepare students to address the issues of modern society in ways that more traditional schools overlooked. At SPEA, people learn how to work in government, nonprofit and business roles to make positive changes in their communities, their states, their countries and the world.

SPEA graduates lead the organizations that make and enforce laws, keep communities livable and safe, shape smart public policy, protect the planet and help our fellow citizens. Through the combined study of civic leadership, management, policy studies, public affairs and media, criminal justice and public safety, SPEA students develop both the practical and philosophical skills that prepare them to develop solutions to society's problems.

SPEA Indianapolis offers two bachelor’s degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA) and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ).

Within the Public Affairs degree, you can major in Civic Leadership, Management, Media and Public Affairs, Policy Studies or Sustainable Management and Policy. BSPA students learn how to address issues in government and nonprofit settings and prepare to become leaders in their communities, organizations and businesses. Careers for SPEA graduates with a BSPA include legislative staffer, urban planner, director of a nonprofit, lobbyist or financial or policy analyst. Others work in public affairs or government affairs for private companies or nonprofits. Still other BSPA graduates continue their educations in law, planning, public affairs or environmental management.

Within Criminal Justice, you can major in Criminal Justice or Public Safety Management.

The Criminal Justice major gives students a broad and layered understanding of the history, operations and implications of criminal justice in America. You will be trained to address pressing societal needs related to law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections and national security. With a BSCJ in Criminal Justice, you might work in law enforcement management at the local, state and federal levels, as well as in the courts, prisons and victim advocacy programs.

The Public Safety Management major covers the administration of emergency services, the principles of public safety and the art of decision-making. Public Safety Management graduates work in public safety agencies as well as private companies that focus on public management, emergency services, solid and hazardous waste management, public health and more.

Both majors are also excellent preparation for pursuing graduate studies in law or criminal justice.

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