Policies & Procedures

Degree Requirements

Course Opportunities

A student in good academic standing may choose to take a maximum of eight elective courses (two per academic year) pass/fail for the B.S. degree or two courses for the A.S. degree. Deadlines for exercising this option are published in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Handbook and are strictly enforced.

With prior approval, a student may take three courses, totaling no more than 10 credit hours, by independent study through the School of Continuing Studies. Under no circumstances may a student satisfy a core or major/concentration requirement by independent study.

With SPEA faculty approval, a student in good standing may earn a maximum of 9 credit hours through the SPEA internship program.

SPEA students may choose to pursue a minor from another school, department, or within SPEA in an area other than their degree or major/concentration. Students interested in a minor should contact that department for additional information.

Academic Bulletins

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