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Overseas Education
All SPEA ABROAD programs give students the opportunity to earn credit hours from overseas study combined with travel to important foreign locations where SPEA instructors collaborate with faculty from partner institutions to offer special programs taught in English.  In addition, SPEA ABROAD programs include supplementary introductions to the language, culture, and history of each foreign location with special classes, lectures, and excursions that go beyond the credit earning requirements of the formal classroom.  Course topics and credit vary by program, but credit is generally given for SPEA-V 450, SPEA-E 400, SPEA-H 455, and other topics courses included as part of a SPEA major.  Subjects include public and nonprofit management, public policy and policy analysis, comparative and international administration, and environmental science.  For more information about SPEA overseas education programs, see

The SPEA commitment to overseas study is currently supported by a special scholarship program in which eligible students receive $2,000 ($1,000 for programs with 3 or fewer credit hours) when they participate in SPEA ABROAD.  Please note that SPEA Overseas Education Scholarships are available only to SPEA majors and that scholarship availability is re-evaluated on an annual basis.

Students are also encouraged to explore the many IU overseas credit offerings originating outside of SPEA.  Many study abroad programs approved by the IU Office of Overseas Study can, with the approval a SPEA advisor, count as part of a SPEA major or minor.  In short, Indiana University offers many overseas education programs, and IUB students are advised to make use of the Overseas Study Resource Center on the third floor of Franklin Hall while IUPUI students should consult with SPEA Student Services at BS 3027 on the Indianapolis campus.

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