Academic Policies & Procedures

All students are required to be registered at the beginning of each semester/term.

The faculty reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student whose conduct, health, or academic performance would appear to render that student unfit for the practice of medicine. Voluntary withdrawals, approved by the dean for medical student affairs, will result in a grade of “W” or withdrawal for all courses not completed at the time of the student’s withdrawal. The student shall be required to present adequate reasons for withdrawal to the dean for medical student affairs. In those cases where students discontinue attendance without officially withdrawing, the instructor shall report the grade of W. Where nonattendance occurs late in the semester, however, a grade of I (incomplete) may be used if the instructor has reason to believe the cause of absence was beyond the control of the student.

Requirements for Advancing with the Class
For students to advance with their class, they must have passed all courses and competency requirements satisfactorily as defined by the Student Promotions Committee and the faculty.

Requirements for Graduation
Indiana University will confer the M.D. degree on persons who have completed the following requirements, as defined by the faculty:
  • filed satisfactory evidence of having complied with the requirements for admission;
  • attended eight regular semesters (or equivalent) of medical instruction in four separate years, the last two years (or equivalent) of which must have been spent in the Indiana University School of Medicine;
  • attended the instruction in all departments and satisfactorily completed all competency requirements, course work, and examinations;
  • achieved a passing score on the National Board of Medical Examiners United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE), Step I, Step II—Clinical Knowledge, and Step II—Clinical Skills;
  • maintained acceptable academic ethics and professional behavior;
  • paid all fees in full.
Confidentiality of Records
Indiana University, in compliance with the General Education Provisions Act, Section 438, titled Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, provides that all student records are confidential and available only to that student, school faculty, and to the parents if the student is under 21 and defined as dependent by IRS standards. The student may waive his/her right of access to specific records. The student may release the record to others by signing a written release available in the offices maintaining the records in question. For further information regarding the provisions of the Privacy Act, contact the Medical Student Affairs office.

Academic Bulletins

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