The School of Medicine is responsible for providing medical education within the state of Indiana. As part of a major university, it accepts and fulfills five major responsibilities: (1) it provides its students with the opportunity to acquire a sound basic education in medicine and fosters the development of lifelong habits of scholarship and service; (2) it advances knowledge through research in biomedically oriented studies, and studies related to the cultural and behavioral aspects of medicine and the delivery of health care; (3) it provides graduate education in order to produce practitioners, teachers, and investigators through clinical residency programs and advanced degree programs in the basic medical sciences; (4) it offers continuing education programs aimed at maintaining and improving the competence of those professionals engaged in patient care; and (5) it provides multiple services to the people of the state of Indiana in all areas of the medical sciences and health care.
The Indiana University Medical Center (IUMC) campus covers some 85 acres within one mile of the center of Indianapolis. Half of the first- and second-year classes are on the IUMC campus; the other half are on one of eight campuses throughout Indiana located on or near IU and other universities in the state. Including the third- and fourth-year medical students, there are approximately 893 M.D., 191 Ph.D., and 49 M.D./Ph.D. students on the IUMC campus. During the four years of medical school, the M.D. students participate in rotations to physician offices and hospitals throughout the state.

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