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Women's Studies

School of Liberal Arts

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Women’s Studies Program

Women’s Studies brings together faculty, students, and member of the comunity interested in women’s issues in teachings, research, and service. Interdisciplinary in nature, WOST explores a wide range of issues as seen through the perspective of gender. Women’s Studies can help shape a vision of women’s position in society that will enable students to make a more meaningful contribu­tion wherever their career paths and future engagements may lead. A degree in Women’s Studies should enhance a student’s effectiveness in virtually any career.
For careers in law or social service, WOST gives insight into social practices that oppress women, such as rape, abuse, and job discrimination. For careers in biology, medicine, nursing, or other allied health professions, WOST offers an understanding of women’s health needs. For business careers, WOST teaches students to understand the barriers and the opportunities for women seeking careers in the corporate world.
Requirements for the Graduate Minor

A total of 12 credit hours.

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