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Women's Studies



  • WOST-W 500 Feminist Theory (3 cr.) An examination of contemporary feminist analyses of gender relations, how they are constituted and experienced, and how social structures maintaining sexist hierarchies intersect with hierarchies of race, class, and ethnic­ity.
  • WOST-W 601 Survey of Contemporary Research in Women’s Stud­ies: The Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 cr.) An exploration of feminist perspectives in the social sciences. Theoretical frameworks and research styles are examined, as are feminist critiques of traditional social scientific frameworks and research methods.
  • WOST-W 602 Contemporary Research in Women’s Studies: The Hu­manities (3 cr.) Review of literature on sex roles, psychology of women, socialization, and politicization of women. Training in methodology of research on women; critique of prevailing and feminist theoretical frameworks for studying women.
  • WOST-W 695 Graduate Rdgs/Research-Reasearch in Women’s Std (3-6 cr.) An opportunity for graduate students in vari­ous programs at IUPUI to explore specific issues within the field of women’s studies, guided by faculty with particular expertise in these areas.
  • WOST-W 701 Graduate Topics in Women’s Studies (3-4 cr.) Advanced investigation of selected research topics in women’s studies. Topics to be announced.

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