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Ph.D. Minor in Network Science


The Ph.D. minor degree Program in Network Science offers doctoral students in any Indiana University Doctoral Program, given Department and/or School approval, training in the theoretical, methodological, analytic and practical approaches to increase our understanding of the nature, origins and influences of natural, social and technological networks. This program draws on the expertise of the wide range and number of faculty across Indiana University who focus on networks and interdependent ties in systems from society, technology, and animal/human systems. These faculty are drawn from across schools and departments. This minor represents an opportunity for Ph.D. students to be introduced to the complexity of a cutting-edge transdisciplinary perspective that spans substantive issues from genes to global cultures.

Course Requirements

The curriculum aims to serve the needs of a wide range of doctoral students across Indiana University while working to interface with existing departmental curricular course offerings. Network Science courses are linked to Departments and Schools and do not represent a foundational area at this point in time. As such, the requirements combine two types of courses: 1) Foundational courses on networks in disciplines that focus on how this perspective translates into theories, tools and discovery in the area, and 2) Phenomenon or Topic-based courses that include a substantial component that addresses how Network Science is or can be used in this case. Given that these courses are generally required for Ph.D. degrees in departments and schools, but are considered electives, any particular course cannot be expected to be offered in every semester or every year. Give this limitation, a total of twelve (12) credits is required. Since most graduate courses are 3 credit hours, the minor requirements are expected to be completed with four courses. The four courses will be split between the two types of courses listed above. Specifically, with the advice of Network Science faculty in the home discipline and in concert with the transdisciplinary expertise in the IU Network Science Institute (IUNI), students may select two courses from Category 1 below, including the basic Network Science course in their or a closely related discipline. The remaining two courses can be selected from Category 2 under the same conditions of advice. The course listing is expected to change with selections augmented over the next decade with new faculty arriving at IU and the IUNI research program maturing. A complete listing will be held with the IUNI Associate Director.


All courses included in the minor program are currently offered within the context of existing programs.

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