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Network Science

Crosslisted Courses

Crosslisted Courses

CATEGORY 1 - Foundational Courses: Department or school-based courses with primary focus on network science

Cognitive Science
COGS-Q 610 Networks of the Brain

Computer Science
CSCI-B 656 Web Mining

ECON-E 724 Network Formation Games

Information and Library Science
ILS-Z 644 Information Networks
ILS-Z 637 Information Visualization

INFO-I 601 Introduction to Complex Networks and Systems
INFO-I 585 Biologically-Inspired Computing
INFO-I 590 Complex Networks and Their Applications
INFO-I 590 Mining the Social Web
INFO-I 609 Complex Systems Seminar I

SOC-S 651 Social Network Analysis
SOC-S 660 Social Networks

STAT-S 681 Introduction to Network Analysis
STAT-S 681 Introduction to Networks
STAT-S 681 Statistical Network Analysis
STAT-S 681 Statistical Methods for Networks

CATEGORY 2 - Phenomenon or Topic-based Courses: Department or school-based courses with major network components

Cognitive Science
COGS-Q 610 Networks of the Brain
COGS-Q 700 Digital Methods in History and Philosophy

Computer Science (IUPUI)
CSCI 57300 Data Mining
CSCI 59000 Data Communication and Computer Networks

ECON-E 585 Industrial Organization and Control
ECON-E 724 Seminar in Economic Theory: Network Formation Games

GEOG-G 539 Advanced Geographic Information Science

Information and Library Science
ILS-Z 636 Data Semantics
ILS-Z 639 Social Media Mining

Intelligent Systems Engineering
ENGR-E 541 Simulating Cancer as an Intelligent System

Informatics (IUPUI)
INFO-B 646 Computational Systems Biology

INFO-I 519 Introduction to Bioinformatics
INFO-I 590 Collective Intelligence
INFO-I 690 Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems
INFO-I 701 Advanced Complex Systems Seminar II
INFO-I 709 Complex Systems

PHSY-P 582 Biological and Artificial Neural Networks

Political Science
POLS-Y 557 Contextual Analysis
POLS-Y 669 Network Analysis and World Politics

Psychological and Brain Sciences
PSY-P 533 Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis I
PSY-P 657 Statistical Methods for Networks
PSY-P 657 Networks of the Brain
PSY-P 657 Network Analysis II

STAT-S 675 Statistical Learning and High Dimensional Data Analysis

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