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Mythology Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

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Ph.D. Minor in Mythology Studies

Course Requirements

Students must complete 12 or more graduate credit hours of appropriate courses. All courses must be approved in advance by the mythology studies advisor.
At least one of the courses must be a core course, either Folk­lore F545 Folk Narrative (Topic: Analysis of Myth) or Folklore F545 Folk Narrative (Topic: Cosmology and Worldview) or Classical Studies C405 Comparative Mythology. Other courses taught by participating faculty may be designated by the mythology studies advisor as fulfilling the core requirement when they provide a theoretical and methodological overview of the study of mythology.
No more than two courses may be taken in a single depart­ment. No more than 3 credit hours of directed readings can be applied to the minor.

A minimum of B (3.0) in all courses that count toward the minor.


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