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Mythology Studies



  • CLAS-C 405 Comparative Mythology (4 cr.) P: C205, graduate stand­ing, or consent of instructor. Advanced theoretical study of the forms and functions of classical Greek and Roman myths, in­cluding reading and evaluation of comparable myths in ancient Near Eastern cultures (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Canaan). Comparative reading and evaluation of selected myths from outside the Mediterranean cultural area. 
  • FOLK-F 545 Folk Narrative (3 cr.) (Topic: Analysis of Myth) Examina­tion of myths, folktales, legends, jokes, fables, anecdotes, personal narratives, or other forms of folk narrative. Attention given to the content, form, and functions of the narratives as well as the variety of theories and methodologies employed in their study. May be repeated for credit when topic changes.

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