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Institute for Medieval Studies




Professor Shannon Gayk*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Provost Professors

Karma Lochrie* (English)

Distinguished Professors

Christopher Beckwith* (Central Eurasian Studies), Jamsheed Choksy* (Central Eurasian Studies)


Kari Gade* (Germanic Studies), Patricia Ingham* (English), Michael Long* (Musicology), Paul Losensky* (Central Eurasian Studies, Comparative Literature), Rosemarie McGerr* (Comparative Literature), Suzanne Stetkevych* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), John Walbridge* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Rega Wood* (Philosophy)
Associate Professors

Bridget K. Balint* (Classical Studies), Sarah Bassett* (Art History), Daniel Caner* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Deborah Deliyannis* (History), Shannon Gayk* (English), Ryan Giles* (Spanish and Portuguese), Manling Luo* (East Asian Languages and Culture), Diane Reilly* (Art History), Jeremy Schott* (Religious Studies), Leah Shopkow* (History), Barbara Vance* (French and Italian)

Assistant Professors

Giuliano Di Bacco (Musicology), Elizabeth Hebbard (French and Italian), Morten Oxenboell (East Asian Languages and Cultures)


Ariann Stern-Gottschalk (Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures)

Affiliated Faculty

Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Professor

Kelmay Silay* (Central Eurasian Studies)

Distinguished Professor and Ruth N. Halls Professor

William Newman* (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)


Asma Afsaruddin* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Cynthia Bannon* (Classical Studies), Mark Kaplan* (Philosophy), Timothy W. O’Connor* (Philosophy), Rex Sprouse (Second Language Studies)
Associate Professors

Constance Furey* (Religious Studies), R. Kevin Jaques* (Religious Studies), Dana Marsh* (Jacobs School of Music), Bret Rothstein* (Art History), Massimo Scalabrini* (French and Italian), Jonathan Schlesinger* (History), Joel Silver (Lilly Library),

Assistant Professor

Heather Blair (Religious Studies), Margaret Graves (Art History), Sonia Velazquez (Religious Studies, Theatre, Performance, and Contemporary Dance)

Clinical Assistant Professor

Kalani Craig (History)


Sarah Ifft Decker (Jewish Studies)

Academic Bulletins

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