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Institute for Medieval Studies

Cross-Listed Courses
  • MEST-M 500 Introduction to Medieval Studies (4 cr.) An introduc¬≠tion to issues and practices in the field with some attention to bibliographical tools.
  • MEST-M 502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies (4 cr.) Investigation of an interdisciplinary problem in medieval civilization, topic and disciplines to vary, or readings of foundational texts from the period. May be repeated for credit.
  • MEST-M 525 Medieval Provencal (2-4 cr.) A variable topics course focusing on the language, literature, and documents regarding the use of the dialects of Old Occitan in France, Italy, and Spain during the Middle Ages. Taught in English with materials in the original language. May be repeated once for credit.
  • MEST-M 600 Medieval Manuscripts (4 cr.) Paleography, codicology, diplomatics; the study of manuscript production, history, and use. May be repeated for credit.
  • MEST-M 650 Manuscript Cultures (3-4 cr.) Study of medieval and early modern manuscripts and primary historical documents and the evaluation of the cultural contexts of their production, reproduction and use.
  • MEST-M 700 Seminar in Medieval Studies (4 cr.) Advanced research in specialized topics and problems in the field. May be repeated for credit.
  • MEST-M 815 Readings in Medieval Civilization (1-4 cr.)

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