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Latino Studies



Graduate Minor Director

Alberto Varon* (English)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


Raquel T. Anderson* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Richard Bauman* (Emeritus, Anthropology, Folklore), Deborah N. Cohn* (Spanish and Portuguese), Luis Dávila* (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese), Luis Fuentes-Rohwer (Law), Jeffrey L. Gould* (History), L. Shane Greene*(Anthropology), Peter Guardino* (History), Vivian Nun Halloran* (American Studies, English), Bradley Levinson* (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), John McDowell* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Christiana Ochoa ( Law), Dina Okamoto* (Sociology), Solimar Otero* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Fabio Rojas* (Sociology), Iris Rosa (Emeritus, African American and African Diaspora Studies), Alberto Torchinsky* (Emeritus, Mathematics)
Associate Professors

Anke Birkenmaier* (Spanish and Portuguese), Serafin Coronel-Molina* (Literacy, Culture, and Language Education), Arlene J. Díaz* (History), Manuel Díaz-Campos* (Spanish and Portuguese), J. César Félix-Brasdefer* (Spanish and Portuguese), Bernard L. Fraga* (Political Science), Lessie Jo Frazier* (American Studies, Gender Studies), , R. Andrés Guzmán* (Spanish and Portuguese) ), Jennifer Lee* (Sociology), Sonia Lee* (American Studies), Rebecca Martínez* (Counseling and Educational Psychology), Sylvia Martínez* (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Eden Medina* (School of Informatics and Computing), Alejandro Mejías-López* (Span­ish and Portuguese), Carmen L. Medina* (Literacy, Culture, and Language Education), Luciana Namorato* (Spanish and Portuguese), John Nieto-Phillips* (History), Jonathan Risner* (Spanish and Portuguese),  Daniel Suslak* (Anthropology), Alberto Varon* (English), Cynthia Wu* (Gender Studies)

Assistant Professors

Alberto Ortega (Public and Environmental Affairs), Judith Rodriguez (African American and African Diaspora Studies)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Daniel Webb (Latino Studies)

Lecturers and Academic Specialists

Quetzil Castañeda (Latin American and Caribbean Studies), Israel Herrera-Cárdenas (Spanish and Portuguese), Eric Mayer-García (Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance) Javier León (Jacobs School of Music), Fernando Orejuela (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)


Luis Gonzalez (Latino Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Spanish and Portuguese)

Academic Bulletins

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