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Landscape Studies

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Ph.D. Minor in Landscape Studies

The Landscape Studies Program encourages interdisciplinary study and critical analysis of landscape. The program offers training in this important multidisciplinary field that has grown in importance in the last decade. The program is one of a very few programs in the U.S. that focus explicitly on Landscape Studies at the graduate level.

Admission and Program of Study

In collaboration with the Landscape Studies director and the student’s major program advisor, students are required to sub­mit a Program of Study to the Landscape Studies Advisory Committee for final approval. The Program of Study will provide the rationale for the student’s proposed curriculum and will list the courses, with alternative selections in the event such courses are not offered on a timely basis, that will serve as the student’s minor program. With the Landscape Studies Advisory Committee’s approval of the Program of Study, the student will become officially enrolled in the Landscape Studies Program.

Ph.D. Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Landscape Studies Ph.D. minor encourage graduate students to develop a program of academic inquiry that complements their doctoral program and takes advantage of the wide range of College of Arts and Sciences faculty with training in the fields of landscape geography, environmental history, landscape literature and art, and landscape architec­ture. Each program is developed in consultation between the student and the Landscape Studies director. Students must complete L800: Seminar in Landscape Studies, a suitable theory course, an approved elective course, and a directed readings course focused on landscape studies with a member of the Landscape Studies faculty and approved by the Landscape Studies director for a total of 12 credit hours. Of hours counted toward the minor, at least 9 must be from outside the student’s major field. Additionally, the Landscape Studies Program will submit one question for the student’s qualifying examination.

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