International Students

There are special application procedures for those who are not citizens of the United States or who have had their previ­ous schooling outside the United States. At IU Bloomington, international students can apply online at or obtain the International Paper Packet from the Office of Admissions at Bloomington (300 N. Jordan Ave; [812] 855-0661; e-mail intladm [at] indiana [dot] edu) or the Office of International Affairs at IUPUI (902 W. New York St., ES 2126; [317] 274-7000; e-mail intlaff [at] iupui [dot] edu; the international application may be downloaded from Because of the extra procedures required in evaluating foreign credentials, the application fee for international students is $60 (IUB and IUPUI).

Once enrolled, international students who wish to change their programs of study must first obtain the approval of the Office of International Services. After such approval is granted, application for formal change of status may be made to the University Graduate School according to the same procedures governing United States citizens.

International students must enroll in at least 8 credit hours each fall and spring semester in order to meet visa require­ments. Any exceptions to this regulation must be approved in advance by the Office of International Services.

Since the language of instruction at Indiana University is English, proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and under­standing English is essential. Applicants whose native language is not English should submit proof of such proficiency by the time they apply for admission. Normally this is done by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Results of this test should be submitted as part of the application for admission. The TOEFL examination is given six times a year in the United States and many foreign countries. Further informa­tion may be obtained at American consulates or by writing to TOEFL, Box 899, Princeton, NJ 08541, U.S.A. If it is not possible to take the TOEFL, applicants should obtain a statement by a responsible official, ordinarily a United States consular official, attesting that they read, write, speak, and understand the Eng­lish language well enough to pursue, at an American university, a program leading to an advanced degree in their chosen field. Such a statement should be submitted with the application for admission.

Prior to registration for classes, all new students whose native language is not English are required to take an English Lan­guage Proficiency Test administered by the Indiana University Center for English Language Training (CELT) at Bloomington, and by the ESL program and the Office of International Affairs at Indianapolis. If the results of this test indicate that a stu­dent needs additional work in English as a second language, appropriate recommendations will be made to the student’s academic advisors. This requirement has been established in recognition of the vital importance of language competency to the student’s academic success. Prospective students whose native language is not English and who have been offered posi­tions as associate instructors are required to pass additional tests in English, since success as a teacher at Indiana University is dependent upon one’s ability to communicate in the English language. Information regarding these examinations may be obtained directly from the individual academic departments at IU Bloomington or from the Graduate Office at IUPUI.

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