Application for Admission

To assure that course credit will be eligible to count toward an intended graduate degree, prospective graduate students, including graduates of Indiana University, must make formal application and be admitted to a department, program, or academic school, or must be registered as a continuing nonde­gree student before taking courses for graduate credit. Most programs of the University Graduate School consider applica­tions for admission and financial aid that are completed by the following dates: January 15 for the fall semester, September 1 for the spring semester, and January 1 for the summer. If a program uses other deadlines, the applicant will be informed by the staff of the program. Many graduate programs consider applications submitted after a deadline as long as all available spaces for students have not been filled by highly qualified applicants. Inquiries about late applications for admission or financial aid should be addressed to the program of the stu­dent’s intended major.

Electronic applications are the only form of application at IU Bloomington. IUPUI does accept paper application submissions and forms are available at the IUPUI Graduate Office, IUPUI, University Library, UL 1170, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Paper application forms are also available in departmental offices.

For further information, consult All applications must be accompanied by one complete transcript of previous college and university work and should be submit­ted directly to the department in which the student wishes to apply. 

By action of the Trustees of Indiana University, a nonrefundable application fee of $55 is required of all applicants. An applica­tion fee of $55 (2015-16) is required for all applicants apply­ing to Indiana University Graduate School programs on the IUB campus and $60 on the IUPUI campus. All Graduate Nondegree students on the Indianapolis campus must pay a $60 (2015-16) application fee as well. At IU Bloomington, Continuing Nondegree Program students are not assessed an application fee, but a $25 processing fee is assessed each semester in which they enroll.

Admission (except for Continuing Nondegree students) is made to a particular department for a specific degree, and no student shall be permitted to work toward a degree without first having been admitted to do so. A flexible entry procedure for basic science programs at Indianapolis allows Ph.D. students up to one year to identify a research laboratory and degree pro­gram. Students desiring to change departments should fill out Transfer of Department Forms, which may be obtained in the offices of individual departments or schools (e.g., the School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences). Requests for change of degree status must be submitted by the department and approved by the dean.

Following the notice of admission to the University Graduate School, an applicant normally has two calendar years in which to enroll. Supplementary transcripts of any additional aca­demic work undertaken during that period are required, and a department may request additional letters of recommendation. Should the updated material prove unsatisfactory, the admis­sion may be canceled. If the applicant fails to enroll within two years, a completely new application is required.

Graduate Record Examination

Applicants may be required to take the Graduate Record Exami­nation General Test, Subject Test, or both (see departmental requirements). Information concerning these examinations may be obtained online at Further information is available in the office of the University Graduate School (IUB) or at the Graduate Office (IUPUI).

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