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Inner Asian and Uralic Studies



Edward Lazzerini (Central Eurasian Studies)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Distinguished Professors

Robert Campbell* (Emeritus, Economics)


Michael Alexeev* (Economics), Matthew Auer* (Public and Environmental Affairs), Randall Baker* (Emeritus, Public and Environmental Affairs), Ilhan Basgöz* (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies), Gustav Bayerle* (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies), Christopher I. Beckwith* (Central Eurasian Studies), Jack Bielasiak* (Political Science), Jamsheed Choksy* (Central Eurasian Studies), Devin DeWeese* (Central Eurasian Stud­ies), Ben Eklof* (History), David Fidler (Law), William Fierman* (Central Eurasian Studies), Henry Glassie* (Emeritus, Folklore), Mary Goetze* (Emeritus, Music), Michael Hamburger* (Geo­logical Sciences), Michael Kaganovich* (Economics), György Kara* (Central Eurasian Studies), Marjorie A. Lyles* (Business), John L. Mikesell* (Public and Environmental Affairs), Christine L. Ogan* (Emerita, Journalism), K. Anne Pyburn* (Anthropology), Toivo Raun* (Central Eurasian Studies), Nazif Shahrani* (Anthropology, Central Eurasian Stud­ies), Kemal Silay* (Central Eurasian Studies), Martin Spechler* (Economics), Mihály Szegedy-Maszák* (Emeritus), Central Eurasian Stud­ies), Frances Trix* (Anthropology), Timothy Waters* (Law), David Williams* (Law)
Associate Professors

Christopher Atwood* (Central Eurasian Studies), Gardner Bovingdon* (Central Eurasian Studies), Maria Bucur-Deckard* (History), Lynn Hooker* (Central Eurasian Studies), Hans Ibold (School of Journalism), Owen V. Johnson* (Journalism), Bill John­ston (Linguistics), Dodona Kiziria (Emeritus, Slavics and East European Languages and Cultures), Matthias Lehmann* (History), Paul Losensky* (Central Eurasian Studies), Vicky Meretsky* (Public and Envi­ronmental Affairs), Martha Nyikos* (Education), Elliot Sperling* (Central Eurasian Studies), Ron Sela* (Central Eurasian Studies), Abdulkader Sinno* (Political Science), Margaret Sutton* (Education), Her­bert Terry* (Telecommunications)

Assistant Professors

Jason Mokhtarian (Religious Studies), Richard Nance (Religious Studies), Öner Özçelik (Central Eurasian Studies), Kaya Sahin (History), Jonathan Schlesinger (History),

Academic Specialists/Senior Lecturers

Cigdem Balim-Harding* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Edward Lazzerini (Central Eurasian Studies), Roman Zlotin (Geography)

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Kathryn Graber (Central Eurasian Studies and Anthropology)

Academic Advisor

Edward Lazzerini (Central Eurasian Studies), Goodbody Hall 348, (812) 856-0671, elazzeri [at] indiana [dot] edu

Academic Bulletins

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