Programs by Campus


Inner Asian and Uralic Studies


E455 Anthropology of Religion
E600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology
D503 International Business Environment
D504 Operations of International Business
D545 East Europe and Russia Transition
D594 Competitive Strategic Global Industries
D595 Management of Transnational Corporations
Central Eurasian Studies
R501The Baltic States since 1918
R502 Finland in the 20th Century
R504 Modern Finnish Literature
R508 Estonian Culture and Civilization
R513 Islam in the Former Soviet Union
R516 Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia
R528 Post-Soviet Transition in Central Asia
R562 Mongolian Civilization and Folk Culture
R563 Mongolian Historical Writings
R570 Introduction to the History of Tibet
R571 Tibet and the West
R572 Sino-Tibetan Relations
R573 The Religions of Tibet
R592 Uralic Peoples & Cultures
R599 Topics in Central Eurasian Studies
R611 Ethnic History of Central Asia
R629 Islamic Hagiography of Central Asia
R661 Mongolian Literature and Folklore
R690 Advanced Readings in Central Eurasian Studies
R710 Seminar in Central Asian Studies (3 cr.)
T690 Introduction to Manchu (3 cr.)
T693 Introduction to Sakha (Yakut)

All language courses in the following languages:
Classical Mongolian
Classical Tibetan
Classical Old Tibetan
Ottoman Turkish

East Asian Languages and Cultures
E384 East Asian Nationalism and Cultural Identity
E505 Studies in East Asian Society (Topics course)
E698 Comparative Economics and Economics of Transition
H551 Comparative Education I
H552 Comparative Education II
H560 Education and Change in Societies
Fine Arts
A421 Early Christian Art
F440/540 Turkish Art
F600 Asian Folklore and Folk Music
F617 Middle East Folklore and Folk Music
G427 Geography of Former Soviet Lands
C393 Ottoman History
D521 Hungarian History and Civilization to 1711
G582 Imperial China I
G583 Imperial China II
H645 Eastern Europe 1945-1989: Survival and Resistance
H675 Colloquium in East Asian History
India Studies
I501/502 Elementary Sanskrit
I561/562 Intermediate Sanskrit

Information and Library Science
Z610 International Information Issues
Z620 Slavic Bibliography 

J660 Topics Colloquium
E571 Kodaly Concept I
E573 Kodaly Concept II

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
N545 Introduction to Ancient Near East
N565 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
N695 Graduate Topics in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
P500/550 Elementary Persian
P600/650 Intermediate Persian

Political Science
Y340 East European Politics
Y385 Russian Political Ideas
Y657 Comparative Politics
Religious Studies
R552 Studies in Buddhism
R554 East Asian Religions
R635 Buddhism in North America
R655 Materials and Methods in Buddhist Studies
R658 Methodologies and Methods in Buddhist Studies
R670/770 Buddhist Ethics
R750 Seminar on Indian Buddhist Texts
Russian and East European Institute
R575 Graduate Readings in Russian and East European Study
R600 Proseminar Soviet/East European Area Studies
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
E535 International Environmental Policy
V550 Governmental Finance in Transitional Economies
V551 Trade and Global Competition
V557 International Economic Strategies and Trade Policies
Slavics and East European Languages and Cultures
R553 East European Cinema
In addition to the above, students are encouraged to take the initiative to find other courses that the professor would be will­ing and able to adapt for IAUNRC certificate credit. (This might be, for example, by agreeing that the student’s papers and/or other projects would focus on the IAUNRC region or that the student may do additional reading and writing relevant to the region.)

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