Instructional Systems Technology

M.S.Ed. in Instructional Systems Technology (Online)

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Major Requirements (18 cr.)
  • R505 Workshop in Instructional Systems Technology: Professional Portfolio in IST (3 cr.)
  • R511 Instructional and Performance Technologies Foundations (3 cr.)
  • R521 Design and Development of Instructional and Performance Interventions (3 cr.)
  • R541 Instructional Development and Production: Design Thinking (3 cr.)
  • R561 Evaluation of Instructional and Performance Improvement Systems (3 cr.)
  • R621 Analysis for Instructional & Performance Improvement (3 cr.)
Specialization Electives (9 cr.)

Options here include all IST master’s program courses that are available online. Additionally, students with a focus on adult education, learning science or other related area may take up to 6 credits from such an area with approval of the advisor, providing that these courses are available online. R686 Internship in Instructional Design is not required but is permissible.

Electives (9 cr.)

Select electives from any regular course (e.g.., not dissertation credits) eligible for graduate credit, including courses inside and outside the major.


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