Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

Ed.S. in Education-Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Track

Degree Requirements (65 cr.)

Required Course (3 cr.)
  • L600 Issues in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (3 cr.)
Basic Courses Requirement (12 cr.)

Basic courses consist of inquiry and substantive core courses.

Inquiry (3 cr.)

Select one course from the approved Inquiry Course list. (3 cr.)

A list of approved inquiry courses may be found at the Graduate Student Portal.

Substantive Core (9 cr.)
Select 9 hours from:

  • A600 Problems in Educational Leadership (1-3 cr.)
  • E535 Elementary School Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • E695 Current Issues and Problems in Elementary Education (3 cr.)
  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H536 Problems on the Philosophy of Education (3 cr.)
  • H600 Concepts and Arguments in Education (3 cr.)
  • H631 Social and Political Philosophy and Education (3 cr.)
  • H638 Aesthetics and Education (3 cr.)
  • J630 Curriculum Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
  • J636 Educational Futures/Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • J637 Curriculum Development Processes (3 cr.)
  • P514 Life Span Development: Birth to Death (3 cr.)
  • P515 Child Development (3 cr.)
  • P516 Adolescent Development (3 cr.)
  • P540 Learning and Cognition in Education (3 cr.)
  • P550 Cognition and Semiotics (3 cr.)
  • P560 Classroom Communication (3 cr.)
  • P623 Child Development (3 cr.)
  • P625 Teacher Behavior (3 cr.)
  • S503 Secondary School Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • LING-P532 Secondary Language Acquisition
  • PSYCH-P438 Language and Cognition
  • PSYCH-P623 Psychology of Language
  • SOC-S438 Childhood Socialization
  • SOC-S332 Adult Socialization
  • SPEECH-S530 Language Acquisition
Major Field Requirements (24 cr.)

Courses chosen from Literacy, Culture, and Language Education offerings, with faculty advisor approval.

Elective Requirements (26 cr.)

Courses may be taken inside or outside the School of Education but must be approved by your faculty advisor.

Capstone Project or Comprehensive Examination
A substantial project or a comprehensive examination constitutes the culmination of the Ed.S. program. 

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