Instructional Systems Technology

M.S.Ed. in Instructional Systems Technology (Residential)

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Core Requirements (12 cr.)
  • R511 Instructional and Performance Technologies Foundations (3 cr.)
  • R521 Design and Development of Instructional and Performance Interventions (3 cr.)
  • R561 Evaluation of Instructional and Performance Improvement Systems (3 cr.)
  • R621 Analysis for Instructional & Performance Improvement (3 cr.)
Studio and Capstone Requirements (12 cr.)
  • R541 Instructional Development and Production Process I (3 cr.)
  • R641 Instructional Development and Production Process II (3 cr.)
  • R641 Instructional Development and Production Process II (3 cr.)
  • R741 Instructional Development and Production Process III (3 cr.)
Major Elective Requirement (3 cr.)

One additional Instructional Systems Technology (R) courses, including W505 Portfolio with the exception of workshop courses.

Outside Elective Requirements (9 cr.)

Must be graduate-level courses outside the Instructional Systems Technology program, selected in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

Requirement for Graduation

Professional portfolio developed for the review of the departmental Portfolio Committee. Residential students complete the portfolio independently with guidance from an advisor and do not receive course credit unless R505 Professional Portfolio in Instructional Systems Technology has been approved by the advisor as a Major Elective.

Online Courses

With the approval of the department, online courses may be included in the program with preference for 3 credits or fewer to be taken online. See Masters Policies for information on limitations of online coureses used for non-online degrees.


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