Higher Education and Student Affairs (U)

  • EDUC-U 544 Introduction to Student Affairs Work in Higher Education (3 cr.)

    An overview of basic functions and professional issues in student affairs work. Pertinent concepts of administration and student development are introduced. The functions and relationships between various student services (e.g. admissions, counseling, financial aid, housing, student activities, etc.) are discussed.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 546 Diverse Students on the College Campus (3 cr.)

    This course focuses on the diversity of students on the college campus. Readings, guest lectures, and course assignments will be used to learn about diverse students' culture. The format will be lecture combined with class discussion.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 547 Professional Development in Student Affairs (1-7 cr.)

    Supervised experience in a student affairs related office.  Overview of resource management associated with supervision, technology in higher education, and promising educational, teaching and leadership practices.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 548 Student Development Theory and Research (3 cr.)

    Overview of the social psychological and student affairs literature related to college student development. Relationships between student characteristics and college outcomes are examined. Applications of psychosocial, cognitive, developmental, and person-environment interaction theories to student affairs work are considered in-depth.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 549 Environmental Theory and Assessment (3 cr.)

    Selected environmental theories are examined (e.g. human aggregate, physical/architectural, campus ecology, cultural, perceptual). Various environmental assessment approaches for use in postsecondary settings are reviewed. Strategies for humanizing campus environments are examined with a particular emphasis on members of historically underrepresented groups.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 550 Topical Seminar in College Student Personnel (1-3 cr.)

    An investigation of issues, functions and concerns which relate to college student personnel administration, current issues in college student personnel, and international student concerns.

    Repeatable for Credit: 99 credits and 99 completions

  • EDUC-U 553 The College Student and the Law (2 cr.)

    The course provides a practical working understanding of the legal foundations that govern student/institution relations, investigates how these relations are interpreted by the courts, and identifies the basic factors that can influence a court's interpretation.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 556 Applying Student Development Theory to Practice (3 cr.)

    Selected student development theories are examined (e.g., psychosocial, cognitive, identity development) in relation to how these theories inform professional practice.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 559 Seminar in Residence Life (3 cr.)

    Consideration of policies and procedures common to residence life administration. Application of student development, environmental, and organizational development theory to residential settings.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 560 Internship in Student Affairs (1-4 cr.) P: Appointment to off-campus internship. Relates theory to practice through supervised experience in student affairs.
  • EDUC-U 580 Issues and Problems in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (3 cr.)

    This seminar is the capstone experience for the master's program in higher education and student affairs administration. Case studies and readings on current issues are used to foster integration and synthesis of concepts and research introduced previously in other required courses.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-U 590 Independent Study or Research in College Student Personnel Administration (3-1 cr.)

    Individual research or study with a College Student Personnel Administration faculty member, arranged in advance of registration. A one or two page written proposal should be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the term specifying the scope of the project, project activities, meeting times, completion date, and student product(s). Ordinarily, U590 should not be used for the study of material taught in a regularly scheduled course.

    Repeatable for Credit: 99 credits and 99 completions

  • EDUC-U 599 Master's Thesis in College Student Personnel Administration (3 cr.)

    Repeatable for Credit: 99 credits and 99 completions

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