Academic Policies & Procedures


The D.D.S. attendance policy for courses in which students are enrolled will be left to the discretion of the course/module directors. The syllabus must clearly state the attendance policy for each course/module. As professionals, students are expected to be present and punctual for classes and clinical activities. Except for extenuating circumstances students are prohibited from missing any type of assessment. If a student feels that an absence during an assessment is unavoidable, the student must provide detailed documentation to the assistant dean for Admissions and Student Affairs. If the assistant dean for Admissions and Student Affairs determines that the request is valid, the course/module directors will be notified of such, and the student will be required to make arrangements for an alternate assessment date(s). 

Anticipated Absence

It is understood that students must occasionally be absent from class for unavoidable personal reasons. In such instances it is the responsibility of the student to notify the course/module director to arrange for missed assignments when the necessity for an absence becomes known to the student. A student who is absent is accountable to course/module directors for any negative impact on grades, according to the attendance policy documented in the syllabus of the course/module director.

Participation in Student and Service Organizations

Students who are in good academic standing (e.g., are not on probation and have demonstrated no professional misconduct) are encouraged to participate in local, regional, or national student organizations (e.g., American Dental Association, American Dental Education Association, American Association for Dental Research) or in service-related activities for organized dentistry or the School of Dentistry. Students intending to engage in such activities should inform the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs of an anticipated absence as soon as it becomes known and obtain permission from appropriate course/module directors and other faculty prior to participation.

Attendance and Religious Holidays

Indiana University respects the right of all students to observe personal religious holidays and will make reasonable accommodation, upon request, for such observances. Any student who is unable to attend class or participate in any examination, study, or course requirement on such days due to his or her religious beliefs will be given the opportunity to make up the work that was missed or do alternative work that is intrinsically no more difficult than the original assignment or examination. If possible students should notify the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs of known conflicts in a timely manner so that any potential accommodations can be arranged. It should be noted that while campus policy requires faculty to make reasonable accommodations for missed assignments or examinations for religious holidays, it is not campus policy for faculty to make accommodations when students wish to travel to share a holiday with family and/or friends.

Unanticipated Absence

In the event of an unanticipated absence (e.g., illness) it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs as early as possible to report the absence. The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs will contact all course/module directors to make them aware of the absence and its general nature. It is the responsibility of the student to notify course/module directors and other involved faculty of an absence in a timely fashion to arrange for missed assignments or make-up examinations. A student who is absent and fails to communicate with course/module directors in a timely manner regarding missed assignments is accountable for any negative outcomes based on the attendance policy of the course/module director.

Clinical Attendance

Clinic attendance levels will be determined by and monitored by the Office of Clinical Affairs. Students falling below the required level of productivity and participation are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

When students are accused of or caught violating provisions of the Clinical Manual, the associate dean of Clinical Affairs has the right to suspend students from all clinical activity pending final results of the professional conduct and appeals processes. Given that violations of policies and procedures governing the clinics can impact patient health, impair student safety and impact school liability, clinical suspensions are not subject to appeal. However, before the associate dean of Clinical Affairs can suspend students from all clinical activity, he or the assistant dean for Admissions and Student Affairs must interview them to hear their explanation of the problem(s).

Extraordinary Absence

If a student is in need of an extended leave of absence due to illness, legal issues, etc., official detailed documentation must be presented to the assistant dean for Admissions and Student Affairs detailing the reason for the leave. A leave of absence is generally requested if the student anticipates missing more than 15 consecutive days of school. Contingent upon the reason and the number of days missed the Progress Committee will consider whether or not a student should be promoted, retained, or dismissed.

Lecturer Absence Policy (approved by IUSD Faculty Council June 24, 2011)

If a scheduled lecturer is not present within five minutes of the scheduled start of the class students should contact the department of the course for which the lecture is being provided. If the lecturer is not present within 15 minutes of the scheduled beginning of class and students have not been informed to remain, class is cancelled and students may leave. In this case the class president or the class president's designee should contact the Office of Academic Affairs (278-1194 or 278-0106).

Academic Bulletins

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