Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Progress


A student’s grade in each course will be determined by the combined results of examinations, classroom work, achievement, and clinical performance. The quality of the student’s work will be indicated by one of the following grades: A, B, C, F (Failure), S (Satisfactory), P (Pass), R (Deferred), and I (Incomplete), and (+) and (-) grades may be used at the option of the course director. If a student is required to repeat a course due to a failing grade, the student must re-enroll in the course and pay a fee.

Students must earn at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average by the conclusion of their first four semesters in dental school (excluding summers) in order to continue their enrollment in the IUSD D.D.S. program.


A student who misses a final examination and who has had a passing grade up to that time is given a temporary grade of Incomplete if the instructor has reason to believe the absence was beyond the student’s control.

If a student is not in attendance during the last several weeks of a semester, the instructor may report a grade of I (indicating the work is satisfactory at the end of the semester but has not been completed) if the instructor has reason to believe the absence was beyond the student’s control; if not, the instructor shall record a grade of F. A grade of I must be removed within one year of the date of its recording, or it will automatically be changed to an F by the university registrar. A grade of I may be removed if the student completes the work within the time limit or if the dean of the School of Dentistry authorizes the change of the I to W (withdrawal from course). Students may not reenroll in a course in which they have a grade of I.


Criteria for probationary status:

  1. A semester grade point average below 2.0, but all courses were passed.
  2. Failure in a course module that does not result in a failing grade in the entire course.
  3. Failure in a single course in a semester.
  4. Reenrollment following a period of suspension.
  5. Unacceptable clinical progress or participation.


No dental student shall be promoted to a succeeding semester in good standing without a minimum 2.0 overall grade point average.


  1. A dental student must have been enrolled for a minimum of eight separate semesters, exclusive of summer sessions or repeated courses or semesters. The dental student must have passed (or been excused from) all required courses, including two separate semesters of the fourth-year curriculum.
  2. A dental student must have achieved a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0.
  3. A dental student must pass Parts I and II of the National Board Dental Examination.


  1. No student may be granted a leave of absence solely because of poor academic performance.
  2. All student leaves, as well as the conditions for reinstatement following such leaves, must be approved by the dean of the dental school (or the dean’s designee).
  3. Written certification shall be required of the appropriate person or agency confirming the need for a leave of absence and for the date concluding a leave of absence.

Similar academic standards apply to dental hygiene and dental assisting students.


No dental student who has been suspended may be graduated with honors or receive an award at the honors ceremony.

Suspension from classes, clinics, or the entire School of Dentistry is a possible outcome of unprofessional behavior or academic misconduct. Students suspended for any period of time from any IUSD activity will be placed on probation once they have returned to school.


Academic dismissal will be considered by the IUSD Faculty Council executive committee in consultation with the dean upon a recommendation from the progress committee. Students considered for dismissal will be granted the opportunity to appear personally before the progress committee.

Criteria for dismissal:

  • Failure to comply with the policy on attendance.
  • Failing grades in a least 50 percent of the credit hours in which the student is enrolled.
  • Multiple failures in courses, modules, and/or on comprehensive semester examinations.
  • Repeated instances of a semester grade point average below 2.0.
  • Cumulative grade point average below 2.00 at the conclusion of the first four semesters of the program.
  • Lack of acceptable progress, in the judgment of the faculty, toward degree requirements.
  • Failure to demonstrate professional growth.


The faculty reserves the right to request the withdrawal of students whose conduct, health, or academic performance would appear to render them unfit for the continuation of a dental education. In cases in which students discontinue attendance without officially withdrawing, the instructor shall report the grade of F.

Academic Bulletins

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