Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Program


International Dentist Program

The Indiana University International Dentist Program (IDP) offers qualified graduates of foreign dental programs the opportunity to earn the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree at Indiana University School of Dentistry. Upon successful completion of a continuing education entrance course and the IDP program, graduates are eligible to take state or regional clinical board examinations to be eligible for dental licensure and dental practice within the United States.

The IDP is a full-time, daily program that administers its own admissions process and application forms. The program begins in July of each year, and is a minimum of 24 months in length.

After the application is received and successfully processed, qualified applicants are invited for an interview. Selected interviewees will be invited to participate in a multiple-week continuing education course. This course provides an opportunity to review applicant skills and assess qualifications to enter as a third-year dental student. Satisfactory completion of the continuing education course is required for matriculation into the IDP program. Matriculation occurs through the third and fourth years of the D.D.S. program and includes classroom lectures, direct patient care in the general practice group, and departmental rotation followed by community-based clinic work.

Full details about the IDP program and how to apply are available on the IUSD International Dentist Program Web page.

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