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Awards & Scholarships
School of Science
  • D. J. Angus Scientech Educational Foundation Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate science major from Marion County, or one of the contiguous counties, who has demonstrated financial need, a minimum grade point average of 2.80, and shows future promise.
  • John D. Barnwell Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in the School of Science who has effectively integrated the sciences and the arts into his or her undergraduate career.
  • Frank G. and Ernestine M. Lambertus Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated progress and significant improvement in his/her academic program, and who is a working student or who otherwise demonstrates financial need. Preference will be given to a student who is from central Indiana and to a student who demonstrates civic engagement.
  • William H. and Elizabeth M. Reid RISE Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in the School of Science to support an international experience, with preference given to an overseas experience in China or the United Kingdom.
  • Geraldine and David Rigdon RISE Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in the School of Science to support a study abroad experience.
  • Indumati Sukhatme RISE Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in the School of Science to support a study abroad experience.
  • Robert W. Tuveson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in the biological sciences. Consideration is given to financial need, academic performance, and future promise.
  • Indianapolis Project SEED Scholarship is awarded to an IUPUI undergraduate student who is pursuing his/her first degree in science, engineering, technology or one of the health sciences and who has successfully participated in the American Chemical Society Indiana Chapter Project SEED summer research program. Preference will be shown to a School of Science major. It is renewable based on academic performance.
  • Alumni Association Academic Achievement Scholarship is awarded to a School of Science major who plans to graduate within one year of receiving the scholarship and who has demonstrated how his/her personal life experiences have affected his/her educational career.
  • School of Science Dean’s Scholarships and Health & Life Sciences Scholarships recognize School of Science and health and life science majors attending IUPUI who excel academically and show promise of success in their future careers.
  • Women in Science Scholarships are awarded to School of Science majors selected to live in the Women in Science residential learning community. Selection is based on academic achievement and educational and career goals.
Department of Biology
  • Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement is awarded to the student with the best overall academic record in the Department of Biology.
  • Biology Research Awards are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students making the most outstanding contributions in scientific research.
  • Elizabeth Steele Creveling Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the outstanding continuing graduate student pursuing a thesis program in the Department of Biology.
  • Richard O. McCracken Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the outstanding sophomore or junior biology major.
  • Ronald E. Kirk Memorial Award is awarded to the outstanding freshman biology student.
  • The Tah Tah Self Achievement Award is awarded to a biology major who plans to pursue a medical career. Preference is shown to African American females.
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • American Institute of Chemists Student Research and Recognition Award is awarded to an outstanding senior student majoring in chemistry.
  • Wilmer K. Fife Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a chemistry major who is a single parent and demonstrates financial need. The scholarship is renewable and covers tuition and fees.
  • Chemical Rubber Company Outstanding Freshman Award is awarded to the outstanding student in general chemistry.
  • Frank J. Welcher Award is awarded to the graduating senior with greatest professional promise.
  • Loren T. Jones Award is awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic achievement in a Bachelor of Science degree program.
  • Loren T. Jones Memorial Scholarship is awarded as summer support to an outstanding chemistry major.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Award sponsored by the American Chemical Society.
  • Patricia A. Boaz Award is awarded to the graduating senior with highest academic achievement in a Bachelor of Arts degree program.
  • Scott Alan Kent Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a promising sophomore or junior chemistry major.
  • Rich-Keller Elementary Chemistry Scholarship is awarded each semester to students who excel in CHEM-C101 and CHEM-C121 with a minimum 3.00 grade point average for each course. Preference will be shown to students who demonstrate financial need.
Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Gersting Graduate Student Award is awarded to an outstanding graduating graduate student in computer and information science.
  • Gersting Undergraduate Student Award is awarded to an outstanding graduating senior in computer and information science.
Department of Earth Sciences
  • Academic Achievement Award is awarded to the graduating senior with highest academic achievement.
  • Arthur Mirsky Geology Graduate Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding master’s degree student.
  • Geology Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a senior geology major.
  • Indiana Geology and Gem Society Scholarship is awarded to a sophomore or junior geology major.
  • Leadership and Service Award is awarded to the graduating senior with outstanding leadership and service to the department.
Environmental Science Program
  • Carl H. Johnson Achievement Scholarship memorializes Susan Cornacchione’s father. Inspired by Matt and Susan Cornacchione’s daughter, it supports students working in interdisciplinary fields of applied environmental problems. Preference will be shown to a student who is pursuing a degree in earth or environmental sciences or is succeeding in spite of learning challenges.
  • The Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) Engaged Scholar Award supports students working in interdisciplinary fields of applied environmental problems.
Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program
  • Academic Achievement Award is given for outstanding achievement, including high grade point average and challenging course enrollment.
  • Student Leadership Award is awarded to a student with outstanding leadership and service to the program.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Anna K. Suter Outstanding Undergraduate Student Achievement Award is awarded to the outstanding senior mathematics major.
  • Anna K. Suter Scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate mathematics majors. It is renewable based on academic performance.
  • Best Academic Performance by a Graduate Student Award is awarded for exceptional scholastic performance by a beginning graduate student (before Master's degree is earned or pre-qualifying exams) and an advanced graduate student (post-qualifying exam).
  • The Igor Kuznetsov Outstanding Teaching Award by a Graduate Student is awarded for outstanding performance in classroom teaching by a graduate student.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Award is awarded to an outstanding junior or senior (or both) based on achievements in advanced mathematics.
  • Yuri Abramovich Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who is enrolled in the School of Science and who has a keen interest in the study of mathematics, who demonstrates academic excellence especially in mathematics courses beyond the sophomore level, and who shows promise for a career in mathematics.
  • Charalambos D. Aliprantis Prize supports outstanding graduate students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences who exemplify outstanding scholastic achievements, as well as leadership qualities.
Department of Physics
  • D. J. Angus-Scientech Award is awarded by the Physics Department to the most improved sophomore or junior student in the physical sciences and engineering.
  • The Forrest Meiere Prize for Outstanding Physics Major is awarded to the undergraduate major with the best academic record.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award is based upon achievements in research and academics.
  • The University Physics Award is awarded to the best student in the PHYS 15200/PHYS 25100-course sequence.
Department of Psychology
  • Robert I. Long Award recognizes contributions, leadership, and service to other psychology students, the department, or the School of Science.
  • Robert G. Neel Undergraduate Academic Achievement Award recognizes outstanding academic performance, as exemplified through the GPA for course work completed at IUPUI.
  • Undergraduate Research Award recognizes student contributions to psychological science, particularly with regard to the development and testing of research ideas, the carrying out of research, and the dissemination of scholarly products based on research.
  • Bingham Psi Chi Scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance and leadership activities in the service of Psi Chi and the Psychology Club. The award was endowed by Deidre Bingham, a 2003 graduate of the Department of Psychology, and an active student leader.
  • John F. Kremer Undergraduate Mentor Award recognizes the peer mentor who best exemplifies the characteristics associated with this success: dedication, relentless persistence, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility, and the ability to connect with all students. Throughout his career, John Kremer believed that peer mentors could have a powerful effect on student success in Introductory Psychology.
  • Outstanding Student Teaching Award recognizes outstanding graduate student teaching assistance for their superior ability to import knowledge of chosen topics to students and to stimulate their desire to master such topics. The award recognizes that teaching extends beyond the classroom and includes activities such as mentoring and motivating students either formally or informally.
  • Paul J. McKinley Award recognizes an outstanding doctoral student in the Psychobiology of Addictions program.
  • Industrial/Organizational Graduate Psychology Award recognizes an outstanding master's student in I/O Psychology.
  • Clinical Psychology Award for Research Excellence recognizes a graduate student with outstanding performance in research -- going above and beyond the research requirements of the graduate degree. Indicators of research excellence may include presentations of research, particularly at regional or national conferences, publications, grant applications, and thesis or dissertation projects that are especially innovative or exemplary in theory, design, or execution.
  • Clinical Psychology Award for Citizenship recognizes a graduate student with outstanding performance in citizenship service to the department. Citizenship can be exemplified in two key domains: Personal Support and Organizational Support. Personal support includes helping other students, faculty, and staff, being cooperative, treating others with courtesy, and providing encouragement. Organization support is evidenced by positively representing the psychology department, supporting our mission and objectives, following rules and procedures, and suggesting improvements.
  • Outstanding Practicum Supervisor Award recognizes exemplary supervision and training provided to graduate students in clinical psychology who are engaged in clinical practica.

Other Recognition

In addition, many science honor students compete successfully for scholarships awarded by IUPUI. Freshmen with a high level of achievement are eligible for election to the IUPUI chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma honorary societies. Psychology majors may be elected to the Psi Chi Honorary, which recognizes outstanding students in that discipline.

Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards

The School of Science proudly salutes faculty and staff who have distinguished themselves in the areas of teaching, research, service, and academic advising. The following full-time faculty and staff have been chosen by their colleagues and students to receive awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the academic mission of the School of Science and the university.

W. David Laverell 1975
L. Kent Morrison 1976
Gordon H. Fricke 1977
Erwin Boschmann 1978
Frederick W. Kleinhans 1978
Terry L. Hall 1979
Robert D. Hall 1980
John F. Kremer 1980
Patricia A. Boaz 1981
Martin J. O’Donnell 1981
Forrest T. Meiere 1982
Peter W. Rabideau 1982
Frederick C. Thatcher 1982
Erwin Boschmann 1983
Robert D. Hall 1983
David J. Malik 1983
Martin J. O’Donnell 1983
Stanley Aeschleman 1984
Elaine V. Alton 1984
Patricia A. Boaz 1984
Marvin D. Kemple 1984
John F. Kremer 1984
B. D. Nageswara Rao 1984
Richard Bodonyi 1985
Frederick W. Kleinhans 1985
Arthur Mirsky 1985
Richard G. Pflanzer 1985
D. W. Rajecki 1985
J. Roger Ware 1985
Shirley A. Bayer 1986
Joan B. Lauer 1986
J. Roger Ware 1986
C. D. Aliprantis 1987
Owen Burkinshaw 1987
Judith L. Gersting 1987
John F. Kremer (two awards) 1987
Richard R. Patterson 1987
J. Roger Ware 1987
Pascal de Caprariis 1988
Theodore W. Cutshall 1988
Robert D. Hall 1988
Charles Schauf 1988
C. D. Aliprantis 1989
Rosalie Bandy* 1989
John M. Gersting 1989
Florence L. Juillerat 1989
Raima M. Larter 1989
Florence L. Juillerat 1990
Kenneth B. Lipkowitz 1990
David J. Malik 1990
Arthur Mirsky 1990
Gregor M. Novak 1990
Richard J. Wyma 1990
Rosalie Bandy* 1991
Gary R. Bond 1991
Richard O. McCracken 1991
Forrest T. Meiere 1991
Gregor M. Novak 1991
Gordon H. Fricke 1992
Florence L. Juillerat (two awards) 1992
Jerome A. Kaminker 1992
Kenneth B. Lipkowitz 1992
Kathryn J. Wilson 1992
Paul L. Dubin 1993
Gordon H. Fricke 1993
Florence L. Juillerat 1993
John F. Kremer 1993
David J. Malik 1993
B. D. Nageswara Rao 1993
Florence L. Rogers* 1993
Stephen R. Wassall 1993
Robert G. Bringle 1994
Laura J. Jenski 1994
James M. Murphy 1994
Kim S. Nguyen* 1994
Andrew P. Barth 1995
Robert G. Bringle 1995
Scott E. Evenbeck 1995
Florence L. Juillerat 1995
Laura J. Jenski 1995
Marvin D. Kemple 1995
Charmaine Kremer* 1995
Robert W. Keck 1995
John F. Kremer 1995
Raima M. Larter 1995
Martin J. O’Donnell 1995
Clifford E. Dykstra 1996
Robert L. Gluekauf 1996
Joseph E. Kuczkowski 1996
Martin J. O’Donnell 1996
Lenore P. Tedesco 1996
John T. Hazer 1997
Harry L. June 1997
Mathew J. Palakal 1997
Daniel H. Robertson 1997
Jeffrey X. Watt 1997
Marshall C. Yovits 1997
Victor M. H. Borden 1998
Robert G. Bringle (two awards) 1998
Andrew D. Gavrin 1998
Andrew J. Harris 1998
Harry L. June 1998
Joan B. Lauer 1998
Gregor M. Novak 1998
Frank A. Schultz 1998
Wilmer K. Fife 1999
Kathy E. Johnson 1999
Joseph E. Kuczkowski 1999
Eric C. Long 1999
Joseph L. Thompson* (two awards) 1999
Jeffrey X. Watt 1999
Gary R. Bond 2000
Angel B. Campbell* 2000
Marie C. Chastain* 2000
Andrew D. Gavrin 2000
Charles R. Goodlett 2000
James M. Murphy 2000
Catherine (Kitty) A. Perkins* 2000
Rajeev R. Raje 2000
Sharon Z. Rangazas 2000
James W. Seubert 2000
J. Roger Ware 2000
John J. (Jack) Breen 2001
Robert G. Bringle 2001
Clifford E. Dykstra 2001
Andrew D. Gavrin 2001
Pat Gould* 2001
Bob E. Hall* 2001
Alexander R. Its 2001
Kathleen Marrs 2001
Mark D. Shermis 2001
William H. Stillwell 2001
Joseph L. Thompson* 2001
Robert W. Yost 2001
Drew C. Appleby 2002
Pavel M. Bleher 2002
Michelle R. Boshears* 2002
Robert G. Bringle 2002
Judy E. Carlson 2002
Philip S. Fastenau 2002
Robert D. Hall 2002
David J. Malik 2002
Arthur Mirsky 2002
Robert D. Rigdon 2002
Stanley Sunderwirth 2002
Jeffrey X. Watt 2002
Drew C. Appleby (three awards) 2003
Dawn G. Bauman* 2003
Robert G. Bringle 2003
Clifford E. Dykstra 2003
Connie L. Ely* 2003
Alexander R. Its (three awards) 2003
Elizabeth N. Its 2003
Suzanne K. Merrell* 2003
Michal Misiurewicz 2003
David Nurok 2003
Lenore P. Tedesco 2003
Joseph L. Thompson* 2003
Sidneye T. Trowbridge 2003
J. Roger Ware 2003
Jeffrey X. Watt 2003
Martin Bard 2004
Dring N. Crowell 2004
Sharon L. Fricke 2004
Bart Ng 2004
Robert D. Rigdon 2004
Robert W. Yost 2004
Keith S. Anliker 2005
Bethany S. Neal-Beliveau 2005
Pavel M. Bleher 2005
Robert G. Bringle 2005
Zhe-Yu (Jeff) Ou 2005
Joan P. Rainey* 2005
Lenore P. Tedesco 2005
Jay A. Siegel 2005
Gautam Vemuri 2005
Cynthia C. Williams* 2005
Michelle R. Boshears* 2006
Michal Misiurewicz 2006
Bart S. Ng 2006
Martin J. O’Donnell 2006
Scoot M. Orr 2006
Sidneye T. Trowbridge 2006
Drew C. Appleby (two awards) 2007
Erwin Boschmann 2007
Debbie D. Dailey* 2007
Gabriel M. Filippelli 2007
David J. Malik (two awards) 2007
Judy E. McBride 2007
Marie L. Nguyen* 2007
Martin J. O’Donnell 2007
Scott M. Orr* 2007
Chris W. Thomas 2007
Joseph L. Thompson* 2007
Drew C. Appleby 2008
Gary R. Bond 2008
Sapna K. Deo 2008
John C. Guare 2008
Kathleen A. Marrs 2008
Kara Salazar* 2008
Kristin A. Shea* 2008
Stephen R. Wassall 2008
Andrea M. Brian* 2009
Ricardo S. Decca 2009
John F. Kremer 2009
Brenda S. Meredith* 2009
John B. Ross 2009
Jane R. Williams 2009
Leslie Ashburn-Nardo 2010
Lisa C. Contino 2010
Patricia (Patti) A. Holt* 2010
Michelle (Mikki) A. Jeschke* 2010
Nancy A. Kitt 2010
Anna L. Malkova 2010
Bethany S. Neal-Beliveau 2010
Marilyn K. Baker* 2011
Christopher T. Dona 2011
John C. Guare 2011
Lin Li 2011
Joshua D. Morrison* 2011
Stephen K. Randall 2011
John C. Watson 2011
Jane E. Alexander* 2012
Keith S. Anliker 2012
John T. Hazer 2012
Yogesh N. Joglekar 2012
Kathleen A. Marrs 2012
Suzanne K. Merrell* 2012
Robert W. Yost 2012
Lin Zhu 2012
Mohammad Al Hasan 2013
Melissa A. Cyders 2013
Beverly L. Hewitt* 2013
Christopher L. Konz* 2013
Kelly H. Matthews* 2013
Evgeny Mukhin 2013
Pratibha Varma-Nelson 2013
Michael Yard 2013
   *Professional staff member.