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Administrative Officers

  • SIMON J. RHODES, Ph.D., Dean
  • N. DOUGLAS LEES, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Planning and Finance
  • KATHLEEN A. MARRS, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • DAVID G. SKALNIK, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
  • JEFFREY X. WATT, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Outreach

Departmental Chairpersons

  • SIMON J. ATKINSON, Ph.D., Department of Biology
  • NIGEL G. RICHARDS, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • SHIAOFEN FANG, Ph.D., Department of Computer and Information Science
  • KEVIN MANDERNACK, Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences
  • JOSEPH M. ROSENBLATT, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • ANDREW D. GAVRIN, Ph.D., Department of Physics
  • PEGGY S. STOCKDALE, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Program Directors

  • SIMON J. ATKINSON, Ph.D., Biotechnology
  • GABRIEL M. FILIPPELLI, Ph.D., Environmental Science
  • JOHN V. GOODPASTER, Ph.D., Forensic and Investigative Sciences
  • KATHLEEN A. MARRS, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies
  • STEPHEN L. BOEHM, Ph.D., Neuroscience