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Parks and Recreation Administration


Undergraduate students in all schools except the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Journalism may earn this minor in addition to the baccalaureate degree.  Students considering this minor may visit Dr. Rasul Mowatt for academic advising.

Rasul Mowatt
Director, Parks and Recreation Administration Minor Program
Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies
School of Public Health - Bloomington
HPER 133 F
1025 E. 7th St.
Bloomington, IN  47405-7109
(812) 855-3089
ramowatt [at] indiana [dot] edu

Students who decide to pursue this minor should visit their school's academic records office to have this minor officially added to their academic objective.


This undergraduate minor program is intended for students who wish to add a parks and recreation administration specialty to their studies. This minor requires:

  • successful completion of 15 credit hours prescribed below.
  • a minimum cumulative minor GPA of 2.0.

Note: No course in this minor may be taken under the Pass/Fail Option.

Parks and Recreation Administration Core Courses (9 cr.):
Complete each of the following courses:

  • HPER-R 160 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure (3 cr.) +S&H
  • HPER-R 205 Foundations of Public, Nonprofit, and Community Recreation (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 468 Strategic Planning for Recreation Organizations (3 cr.)

Parks and Recreation Administration Elective Courses (6 cr.):
Complete two of the following courses:

  • HPER-R 206 Recreational Sport Programming (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 210 Introduction to Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 266 Recreation Facilities Management (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 270 Inclusion in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 310 Leadership Strategies and Diversity Applications (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 330 Management in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 441 Legal Aspects of Recreation (3 cr.)
  • HPER-R 451 Fiscal Management of Leisure Services Organizations (3 cr.)
  • HPER-T 101 Introduction to Resource Development and Fundraising (3 cr.)

+ Courses followed by the S&H notation may apply to both the minor requirements and to the general education, social and historical studies requirement for bachelor's degree students.

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