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BS in Labor Studies


With 60 years of leadership in Labor Studies and labor education, Indiana University continues to pioneer innovative and quality educational opportunities in this field. The program caters to students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs -- from adult learners to traditional students -- in the areas of work, the workplace, organized labor, labor and social movements, the impact of global markets, and changing institutions.

The Labor Studies program prepares students to assume leadership roles in the workplace and in communities. The program is designed as an interdisciplinary major for college students and working adults seeking a university-level education. Online Labor Studies classes are offered on all nine Indiana University campuses and face-to-face courses are offered on various campuses. The mission of the Labor Studies Program is to:

  • Provide credit and non-credit university-level education for current and future workers to increase knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking about work and labor organizations within today's global context
  • Broaden  access to the university for working-class and other underserved constituencies, providing opportunities for life-long learning and college degrees.
  • Collect, systematize, and create new knowledge in collaboration with our students.
  • Examine the global socio-economic system and the impact of its inequalities on working people.
  • Promote respect for workers and understanding of working class histories, experiences, perspectives and knowledge.
  • Empower our constituents to be engaged citizens and social and political agents of change who will create a more just and equitable world of work.

The vision of the Labor Studies Program states:

  • Indiana University Labor Studies will be the leading, collaborative program in labor and work issues in interdisciplinary scholarship, education, training, and empowerment nationally and internationally.

It is within the parameters of this mission that we devote our energies to excel in education, research, and service. We offer  our online and face-to-face courses for the Certificate, Associate and Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies degrees. Also, students can earn a Minor in Labor Studies.


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