Undergraduate Programs

BS in Labor Studies

Labor Studies Online

Labor Studies offers online courses and degrees to meet the needs of students seeking distance education opportunities. With the wide array of online course offerings, it is possible for students to fulfill degree requirements for all Labor Studies degrees entirely online.

Labor Studies online courses are designed to be flexible and are equivalent to classroom courses in content and workload.

We have Labor Studies degree granting programs on the Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Northwest, and South Bend campuses and Labor Studies online courses are offered on all nine IU campuses.

Students enroll in Labor Studies online classes the same way they enroll in face-to-face courses—through the Office of the Registrar at an IU campus. Faculty advisors provide guidance to Labor Studies online students throughout their course of study. Students on any campus taking Labor Studies courses can also seek advising assistance from the Labor Studies Student Services Coordinator on the IUPUI campus. Email (ccampbel@iupui.edu) or call 800-822-4743. The tuition and fees for online classes are the same as for traditional classroom courses.

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