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Performer Diploma

Quezia Souza SantosPictured | Quezia Souza Santos | Performer Diploma |  São Paulo, Brasil (hometown)

Performer Diploma

The Performer Diploma Program is a special curriculum for outstanding students in performance who show promise of becoming concert artists and who do not wish to pursue study leading to an academic degree. The purpose of the diploma program is to provide concentrated study in solo and chamber music literature.

  • A high school diploma or its demonstrated equivalent
  • Demonstrated proficiency in musical performance at a very high level of technical and musical proficiency
  • This program has the option of being offered at the graduate level, if the student has already completed an undergraduate degree or higher. It can also be offered at the undergraduate level.


On the basis of auditions and dossier, applicants must be accepted by the appropriate faculty committee and by the studio teacher.

Language Study

Students whose native language is not English must take an English language examination at IU South Bend. Depending on the level achieved, they may need to register for any deficiency courses prescribed by the advisor.

Applied Music
  • Studio study (four semesters, a minimum of 12 credit hours must be earned).
  • Two recitals (2 cr.) or equivalent public performances as assigned by the music faculty must be presented and passed.
  • Chamber Music (1 cr. each) two semesters of MUS-X 423 or MUS-F 550 for instrumentalists OR two semesters of MUS-R 471/2 Vocal Performance Workshop for vocalists

Electives (6 cr.)

Graduate or undergraduate courses, as approved by the advisor. Classes in music literature, history, vocal performance workshop, and/or pedagogy are recommended, others may be possible, with permission of the advisor. Applied lessons in primary instrument may not be used to fulfill this requirement.

Major Ensemble
  • Required each semester for both instrumentalists and singers.

Other Music
  • MUS-I 100 Cultural Events Attendance (0 cr.) required for every semester of enrollment. Students enrolled in MUS-I 100 are required to meet once a week in a Convocation/Recital Hour where junior, senior, and graduate students will perform.

Credit, Residence, and Time Limit

Students must earn a minimum of 22 credit hours, excluding major ensemble, and have at least one regular semester or two summer sessions in residence. Students must complete the diploma requirements within four regular semesters. Summer sessions do not count toward the time limit.

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