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Bachelor of Art Education

Jenna KempPictured | Jenna Kemp | Bachelor of Art Education | Elkhart, Indiana (hometown)

Bachelor of Art Education

The Bachelor of Art Education prepares students to teach art in public or private schools. Graduates of the program are licensed to teach art to grades P-12 in Indiana. The art education program gives students the same great art preparation as the B.A. in art, with the addition of the education courses necessary for successful teaching practice. The curriculum is state-of-the-art. There is an emphasis on technology and visual culture in order to prepare teachers fully skilled to operate effectively with 21st century learners.

Academic Advising

The Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts policy on advising requires that students meet with their academic advisors each semester prior to registration. Advising holds are placed on all Fine Arts students prior to advance registration and are released following advising appointments. Students with a declared major in Fine Arts are advised by Fine Art faculty. Additionally, you may have a secondary adviser if you have also declared a minor, although a minor is not required for a degree in the Fine Arts department. You can verify your assigned advisor in the student center in One.IU.

Degree Requirements (120 cr.)
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Students receiving the Bachelor of Art Education degree must complete 120 total credit hours including:

  • EDUC-F 201 Exploring the Personal Demands of Teaching: Laboratory Experience (2 cr.); AND
    EDUC-F 202 Exploring the Personal Demands of Teaching: Field Experience (1 cr.)
    Fulfills Fundamental Literacies: Oral Communication requirement
  • Fulfills Extended Literacies: Computer Literacy requirement
  • EDUC-W 200 Using Computers in Education
    Fulfills Extended Literacies: Computer Literacy requirement
  • EDUC-P 250 General Educational Psychology
    Fulfills Fundamental Literacies: Critical Thinking requirement
  • AHST-A 307 Introduction to Non-Western Art
    Fulfills Contemporary Social Values: Global Cultures requirement
  • EDUC-H 340 Education and American Culture
    Fulfills Contemporary Social Values: Diversity in United States Society
  • FINA-A 190 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity;
    VT: Studio Techniques and Research
    Fulfills Additional Requirements: First Year Seminar

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300– or 400–level.
  • Courses required for the major must be completed with a grade of C– or higher.
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.0 is required.
  • All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise stated.

Art Education Course Requirements (11 cr.)
  • EDUC-M 130 Introduction to Art Education
  • EDUC-M 301 Laboratory/Field Experience (1 cr.)
    Taken concurrently with EDUC-M 330
  • EDUC-M 330 Foundations of Art Education and Methods 1
    Taken concurrently with EDUC-M 301
  • EDUC-M 401 Laboratory/Field Experience (1 cr.)
    Taken concurrently with EDUC-M 430
  • EDUC-M 430 Foundations of Art Education and Methods 2
    Taken concurrently with EDUC-M 401 Laboratory/Field Experience)

Fine Arts Department Additional Requirements (45 cr.)
Foundation Level (15 cr.)
  • AHST-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
  • AHST-A 102 Renaissance Through Modern Art
  • FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio–Drawing
  • FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio–3D
  • FINA-F 102 Fundamental Studio–2D

Fine Arts Studio Classes (24 cr.)
  • FINA-A 109 Ways of Seeing: Virtual Literacy
  • FINA-P 273 Computer Art and Design 1
  • Select two additional courses at the 300– and 400–level (6 cr.)
    Must be spread among 2-D and 3-D
  • Select four additional classes (12 cr.)

Additional Upper-Level Art History Requirements (6 cr.)
  • AHST-A 303 Art Since 1945
  • AHST-A 308 Modern Art 1900-1945

Education Requirements (30 cr.)
  • EDUC-E 370 Language Arts and Reading I
    Permission of instructor waives prerequisites
  • EDUC-F 100 Introduction to Teaching (1 cr.)
  • EDUC-K 205 Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • EDUC-M 359 Health and Wellness for Teachers (2 cr.)
  • EDUC-M 420 Student Teaching Seminar (2 cr.)
  • EDUC-M 464 Methods of Teaching Reading
  • EDUC-M 482 Student Teaching: All Grades (10 cr.)
  • EDUC-P 475 Adolescent Development and Classroom Management
  • PSY-P 316 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

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