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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Design and Technical Production

Jordyn CozartPictured | Jordyn Cozart | Design and Technical Production, Lighting Specialty | Goshen, Indiana (hometown)
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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Design and Technical Production
(Specialties in Scenic, Lighting, Sound, and Costume Design and Technology)

The BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Design and Technical Production with a Specialty in (Scenic, Lighting, Sound, and Costume Design and Technology) is intended to prepare students for the professional world or to continue on to graduate studies with an intensive focus on a specific area of design and production. The Technical Theatre program at IU South Bend is designed to give students a broad background of theatre history and theatre practice with an emphasis in the design and technical aspects of theatre. Students have the opportunity for extensive production experience in many capacities including the opportunity to create their own fully realized designs. Design and Technical students have the opportunity to work in either the scene shop or costume shop furthering their educational goals in this lab setting. Students are encouraged to take summer employment and/or internships in the field of theatre design and technology.

Academic Advising

College policy on advising requires that students meet with their academic advisors at least once each semester, prior to that semesters enrollment period. Advising holds are placed on all Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts students prior to advance registration and are released following advising. Students with a declared major are advised in their academic units. To determine who your advisor is and how to contact them, see One.IU.

Theatre and Dance Department Review Process

B.F.A. students in the Theatre and Dance department are reviewed for satisfactory progress through their degree track in the spring of each academic year.

Design and Technical Production students should prepare the following:

  1. Portfolio appropriate to the year of study as defined in the Design and Technical Production Portfolio Guidelines Handbook.
  2. Emphasis in the presentation should be on work done since the most recent review.
  3. Design and Technical Production students should be prepared to discuss their progress and goals in terms of academics and production work.

Each annual review will contain feedback from the faculty on current progress in the program and the presentation of a professionally formatted resumé.

For further questions about this review process, please see the academic advisor or reference the Theatre and Dance Student Handbook.

Degree Requirements (125 cr.)
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Students receiving the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree must complete 125 total credit hours including:

  • THTR-A 399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
    Fulfills Common Core: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity requirement
  • THTR-T 190 Literary and Intellectual Traditions
    Fulfills Common Core: Literary and Intellectual Traditions requirement
  • THTR-T 228 Design for the Theatre
    Fulfills Extended Literacy: Visual Literacy requirement
  • Theatre Core (30 cr.)
  • Design and Technical Production Concentration (43 cr.)
  • Specialty (12 cr.)

  • At least 30 credit hours must be at the 300– or 400–level.
  • Minimum major GPA of 2.75.
  • Successful participation in major season productions each semester as directed by the chair of theatre and dance.
  • Courses for the major must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Major Requirements (73 cr.)
Theatre Core (30 cr.)
  • THTR-T 120 Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting
  • THTR-T 225 Stagecraft 1
  • THTR-T 230 Costume Technology I
  • THTR-T 340 Directing I: Fundamentals of Directing
  • THTR-T 341 Theatre Production I (1 cr.)
  • THTR-T 342 Theatre Production II (1 cr.)
  • THTR-T 343 Theatre Production III (1 cr.)
  • THTR-T 405 Stage Management
  • THTR-T 470 History of the Theatre 1
  • THTR-T 471 History of the Theatre 2
  • THTR-T 472 Theatre History 3
    Pending approval

Select one from the following

  • THTR-T 326 Introduction to Scenic Design
  • THTR-T 335 Stage Lighting Design
  • THTR-T 339 Introduction to Costume Design

Design Technical Concentration (43 cr.)
  • FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio-Drawing
  • FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio-3D
  • FINA-P 273 Computer Art and Design I
  • FINA-S 200 Drawing 1
  • THTR-T 249 Drafting and Color Media
  • THTR-T 327 Period Styles
  • THTR-T 330 Rendering
  • THTR-T 332 Scene Painting
  • THTR-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions
    VT: Dramatic Literature
  • THTR-T 392 Theatre Internship
  • THTR-T 434 Historic Costumes for the Stage
  • THTR-T 449 Profession of Theatre Design
  • THTR-T 485 Capstone Project (1 cr.)

Select two from the following:
Not repeatable from Theatre Core

  • THTR-T 326 Introduction to Scenic Design
  • THTR-T 335 Stage Lighting Design
  • THTR-T 339 Introduction to Costume Design

Select Specialty (12 cr.)
Costume Design and Technical Production (9 cr.)
  • THTR-T 290 History and Design of Stage Makeup
  • THTR-T 430 Costume Technology II
  • THTR-T 433 Costume Design II

Lighting Design and Technical Production (9 cr.)
  • THTR-T 424 Stagecraft 2
  • THTR-T 425 Introduction to Theatrical Drafting
  • THTR-T 438 Advanced Stage Lighting Design

Scene Design and Technical Production (9 cr.)
  • THTR-T 424 Stagecraft 2
  • THTR-T 425 Introduction to Theatrical Drafting
  • THTR-T 426 Fundamentals of Scenic Design

Theatre Electives (9 cr.)
  • Select any THTR courses not already listed

Additional Requirements
  • THTR-T 114 Theatre and Dance Symposium (0 cr.)
    Pending approval
    Required every semester of enrollment

Free Electives (7 cr.)
  • If student takes the Computer Literacy class above (Extended Literacies), only 4 credits of electives are required

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