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Minor in Philosophy

Pictured | Devin Christianson II | General Studies / Minors in Philosophy, History, and Religious Studies | North Liberty, Indiana (hometown)

Minor in Philosophy

Minor Requirements
  • PHIL-T 190 Literary and Intellectual Traditions, PHIL-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions, and HPSC-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions courses may or may not count toward the minor depending on the topic.
  • Students can earn a minor in philosophy by completion of at least 15 credit hours in philosophy, of which at least 12 credit hours are at the 200-level or higher and by meeting the following requirements:

History of Philosophy (3 cr.)

All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise designated.

  • PHIL-P 201 Ancient Greek Philosophy   
  • PHIL-P 214 Modern Philosophy

Metaphysics or Epistemology (3 cr.)

All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise designated.

  • PHIL-P 310 Topics in Metaphysics
  • PHIL-P 312 Topics in Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL-P 313 Theories of Knowledge
  • PHIL-P 360 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL-P 366 Philosophy of Action
  • PHIL-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Tradition
    VT: God, Space, and Time

Ethics, Logic, or History and Philosophy of Science (3 cr.)

All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise designated.

  • HPSC-X 200 Scientific Reasoning
  • HPSC-X 201 Nature of Scientific Inquiry
  • HPSC-X 220 Issues in Science: Humanistic
  • HPSC-X 303 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • HPSC-X 336 Religion and Science
  • PHIL-P 250 Introductory Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-P 325 Social Philosophy
  • PHIL-P 340 Classics in Ethics
  • PHIL-P 341 Ethical Classics
  • PHIL-P 342 Problems of Ethics
  • PHIL-P 343 Classics in Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL-P 344 Classics in Social and Political Philosophy 2
  • PHIL-P 345 Problems in Social and Political Philosophy

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