Industrial Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science

Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) prepares you to design new ways to get things done. You'll figure out how to do things better to improve the quality and productivity of any system or process.

From business to industry to government, you will design creative solutions to help your industry work safer, faster, and leaner and be more cost effective. The program provides a hands-on approach to making production and services more efficient. You will use engineering processes and systems to improve quality and productivity as part of the program’s well-rounded methodology. Your work in eliminating waste-of energy, materials, time and other commodities-will save companies money.

Entry-level position titles include: Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Process Improvement Engineer, Project and Operations Management, Quality Control/assurance, Production Manager, Operations Supervisor, Sales Engineer, and Purchasing Manager.

Program Requirements
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.
  • All classes are offered by Purdue unless otherwise noted.

First Year (32 cr.)
First Semester
  • CGT 11000 Technical Graphic Communication
  • MA 15800 Precalculus – Functions and Trigonometry
  • TECH 12000 Design Thinking in Technology
  • TLI 11100 Introduction to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems
  • Written Communication Selective
Second Semester
  • COM 11400 Fundamentals of Speech OR
    SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (IU South Bend)
  • MET 14400 Materials and Processes II OR
    MET 14300 Materials and Processes I
  • Physics 21800 General Physics OR
    PHYS-P 221 Physics 1 (IU South Bend) (4-5 cr.)
  • TLI 11200 Foundations of Org Leadership
  • Mathematics/Statistics Selective

Second Year (30 cr.)
Third Semester
  • MET 24500 Manufacturing Systems
  • TLI 21300 Project Management
  • TLI 21400 Intro Supply Chain Management Technology
  • TLI 23500 Intro to Lean and Sustainable Systems
  • Humanities Foundation Selective
Fourth Semester
  • ECON 21000 Principles of Economics OR
    ECON-E 103 Introduction to Microeconomics OR
    ECON-E 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics (IU South Bend)
  • PSY-P 12000 Elementary Psychology OR
    PSY-P 103 General Psychology (IU South Bend) OR
    SOC 10000 Intro to Sociology OR
    SOC-S 161 Principles of Sociology II (IU South Bend)
  • TLI 31300 Technology Innovation and Integration: Bar Codes to Biometrics
  • Science Selective
  • History of Science and Tech Selective

Third Year (30 cr.)
Fifth Semester
  • TLI 31400 Leading Innovation in Organizations
  • TLI 31600 Statistical Quality Control
  • TLI 33400 Economic Analysis for Tech Systems
  • TLI 33520 Human Factors for Tech Systems
  • TLI Selective
Sixth Semester
  • TLI 31500 New Product Development OR
    TLI 36700 Design and Innovation I
  • TLI 33620 Total Production Maintenance
  • TLI 43530 Operations Plan and Management
  • TLI 43640 Lean Six Sigma
  • Technical Elective

Fourth Year (30 cr.)
Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester

CAND 99100

Course that students must enroll when registering for the last course for the certificate. There are no fees assessed for this course. No class attendance is required and no grade will be issued.

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