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IU South Bend, the only public, comprehensive, undergraduate and graduate degree-granting institution of higher education in north central Indiana, is committed to serving a diverse population of residential and nonresidential students by providing quality technologically-enhanced educational programming based on a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation and to promoting the economic, social, and cultural well-being of the region.

IU South Bend is dedicated to a comprehensive general-education curriculum that fosters verbal, mathematical, and visual literacies; disciplined inquiry; and critical thinking across all disciplines.

IU South Bend is committed to enhancing economic development in north central Indiana by providing academic programs that meet the needs of students and by responding to unique regional economic trends and service/manufacturing employment needs. IU South Bend also serves and enriches the region as a forum for discussion and civic engagement, as a showcase for the arts, and through community partnerships and consultancies.

The university strives to respond decisively to the growing demand for graduate degree programs and to assure statewide access to IU South Bend distinctions in faculty-student collaboration, programs that enhance diversity and provide a global perspective, the arts, and in the nursing and health professions.

IU South Bend supports development of campus residential and student life programs and activities that promote a university community where students, living and learning together, have a wide range of opportunities to experience academic, cultural, and social growth. Students are also encouraged to reach beyond campus boundaries to become engaged in internships, civic programs, volunteer services, and classroom consultation projects.

The IU South Bend faculty is committed to teaching that engages students in the joy of researching and expanding the knowledge base of their academic area. The university especially values research activity as a vehicle for active learning. IU South Bend students are actively involved in group and individual research projects and field studies; collaborative faculty-student research; faculty guided independent study; and experiential, service learning projects and internships.

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