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Women's and Gender Studies | WGS

Pictured | Adam Schelle | Women's and Gender Studies / English | South Bend, Indiana (hometown)

Women's and Gender Studies | WGS

P Prerequisite | C Co-requisite | R Recommended
I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • WGS-B 260 Women, Men, and Society in Modern Europe (3 cr.) Overview of the development of gender roles in Europe since the French Revolution; development of the private and public spheres, political ideology, and women’s roles in society; the Industrial Revolution’s impact on concepts of femininity and masculinity; Darwinism, imperialism, and gender roles; Victorian morality and sexuality; nationalism and masculinity; communism and gender equality; consumer culture and women’s role in the home; feminism and the sexual revolution. (joint-listed course)
  • WGS-B 342 Women in Medieval Society (3 cr.) An overview of the history of women in the medieval west. The situation of women will be addressed according to their position in society - whether it be noblewomen, queen, peasant, saint, or prostitute. Both primary and secondary sources will be examined. Attention will also be paid to medieval theories about women and prevailing attitudes toward women, as express in both learned and popular circles. Methodological and epistemological problems will be highlighted.
  • WGS-B 399 Human Behavior and Social Institutions (3 cr.) Develops insight into human nature, the nature of social institutions, the social processes that have shaped the world of the 21st century. In an interdisciplinary way, introduces the distinctive perspectives of the social sciences, emphasizing frameworks and techniques used in explaining causes and patterns of individual and institutional behavior.
  • WGS-H 260 History of American Women (3 cr.) Covers American women from 1607 to the present. It focuses on the changes which have occured in the lives of American women over the centuries: family, health, education, work, etc. It also shows the significance of women’s lives and their contributions to America. (joint-listed course) I
  • WGS-L 207 Women and Literature (3 cr.) Focuses either on the North American experience (with units on black writers, nineteenth century writers, major new voices, and lesbian writers) or on England and the continent (with units on the Renaissance woman, manners and rebellion, nineteenth century male views of women, and twentieth century female views of women). (joint-listed course) I
  • WGS-N 190 Biology of Women (3 cr.) Biology of Women explores the special concerns women face in healthcare today.  It is designed to provide the foundation students need to understand their bodies and how they work in the context of healthcare.  Each class is dedicated to a different body system.  We will learn how the body system works and how it contributes to overall homeostasis.  With each body system, we will discuss healthcare concerns for that system.  With this knowledge, the students are more capable to be active participants in their own healthcare as well as the healthcare of their loved ones.
  • WGS-N 200 The Biology of Women (3 cr.) This course examines the biological basis for bodily functions and changes that take place throughout the life of females. (joint-listed course) II
  • WGS-P 391 Psychology of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity (3 cr.) Explores the impact of social and political forces on psychological development and adjustment. Focus is on black women, but includes both genders and all races. Contemporary theory on race, gender, and class will be examined. (joint-listed course) I
  • WGS-P 394 Feminist Philosophy (3 cr.) Study of contemporary feminist philosophy in the United States and Europe. (joint-listed course) I, II
  • WGS-P 460 Women: A Psychological Perspective (3 cr.) Basic data and theories about the development and maintenance of gender differences in behavior and personality. (joint-listed course) II
  • WGS-S 310 The Sociology of Women in America (3 cr.) The study of the situation of women in America today—its definition, changes, and consequences. Specific issues may include spousal abuse, rape, the role of homemaker, being different, feminism. (joint-listed course) I, II
  • WGS-S 338 Sociology of Gender Roles (3 cr.) Examines the causes, correlates, and consequences of current gender role definitions, and considers personal and institutional barriers to equality of women and men resulting from socialization (e.g., education, media, language), discrimination, and other structural arrangements (e.g. family work). (joint-listed course) I, II, S
  • WGS-T 190 Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.) Explores, in an interdisciplinary way, one of the great humanistic traditions of inquiry regarding one of the following themes: ideas of self, truth, beauty, community, nature, or conflict. Writing-intensive, discussion-focused.
  • WGS-W 100 Gender Studies (3 cr.) Core Course The course provides an overview of the new field of Gender Studies. Professors from different disciplines in Arts and Sciences talk about the impact of Gender Studies in their departments. Students are shown a variety of approaches to learning and knowledge. I, II
  • WGS-W 201 Women in Culture-Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3 cr.) Core Course Interdisciplinary exploration of women's roles, images, history, experiences with emphasis on the perspective of the humanities. Considers such topics as socialization and stereotypes, the roles of various institutions in shaping women's lives, the effects of gender on creativity. Introduction to Women's Studies.
  • WGS-W 220 New Views on Gender (1 cr.) Core Course A seminar-style approach focusing on a contemporary feminist issue, such as romantic love, bodily image, equal pay. A focus of the course is on writing for publication. A written project is required.
  • WGS-W 240 Topics in Feminism: Social Science Perspective (1-3 cr.) Core Course Exploration of feminist scholarship on a specific topic of current interest, e.g. women and social activism; pornography; reproductive rights; lesbian and gay studies; gender in early education; contemporary women's movement. Specific topics announced in the Schedule of Classes. Suitable for students without previous women's studies courses
  • WGS-W 299 Research Methods in Women's Studies (3 cr.) Core Course An interdisciplinary course which will introduce students to the approaches of various disciplines (in alternate years Humanities and Social Sciences) to women, gender; bibliographical tools, data gathering techniques, analytic approaches.. I
  • WGS-W 301 International Perspectives on Women (3 cr.) Core Course Feminist analysis of women's legal, social, and economic status in two or more cultures other than those of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Interdisciplinary approach. Required for a Women's Studies major.
  • WGS-W 302 Issues in Gender Studies (3 cr.) Core Course This topical, variably titled course, addresses selected ideas, trends and problems in the study of gender across academic disciplines.  It explores a particular theme, or themes, and also provides critical reflection upon the challenges of analyzing gender within the framework of different disciplines of knowledge. II
  • WGS-W 360 Feminist Theory (3 cr.) This course is an introduction to feminist theory. Using primary and secondary text, this couse will introduce students to the main debates in feminist theories to interpret a wide range of sources on women's lives.
  • WGS-W 400 Topics in Women's Studies (3-6 cr.) Core Course Interdisciplinary approach to selected ideas, trends, and problems in Women's Studies from a Social Sciences perspective. Specific topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes.
  • WGS-W 402 Seminar in Gender Studies (3 cr.) Core Course Topical seminar in Gender Studies. Analysis of a particular issue or problem which has generated debate within gender-related scholarship in a particular discipline, or across several disciplines/fields of enquiry.
  • WGS-W 480 Women's and Gender Studies Practicum (3-6 cr.) Core Course Internships in the Women's Studies Program are offered to provide opportunities for students to gain work experience while serving women's needs. This experience is combined with an academic analysis of women's status and experience in organizations.
  • WGS-W 495 Readings and Research in Gender Studies (1-6 cr.) Core Course Invidividual readings and research.
  • WGS-Y 327 Gender Politics (3 cr.) Seeks to analyze issues of power and politics from the perspective of gender within the United States cultural context. It considers the impact of women in traditional areas of politics as well as revised theoretical understandings of power, the political, and the public/private debate. (joint-listed course) I, II
  • WGS-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.) Interdisciplinary exploration of a humanistic tradition of inquiry regarding one of the following themes: ideas of self, truth, beauty, community, nature, or conflict. Writing intensive, discussion focused. Attention to primary texts and research materials.

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