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Fine Arts | FINA

Pictured | Samuel Miller | Graphic Design | Mishawaka, Indiana (hometown)
Background artwork credit | Samuel Miller

Fine Arts | FINA

P Prerequisite | C Co-requisite | R Recommended
I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art (3 cr.) A survey of major styles and monuments in art and architecture from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages.
  • FINA-A 102 Renaissance Through Modern Art (3 cr.) A survey of major artists, styles, and movements in European and American art and architecture from the 15th century to the present.
  • FINA-A 109 Ways of Seeing: Visual Literacy (3 cr.) This survey provides an overview to assist students in their appreciation and understanding of visual culture throughout human development.  It investigates the nature and culture of "seeing":  how we see ourselves and our world as influenced by physiological, environmental and cultural conditions.
  • FINA-A 190 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity (3 cr.) Explores artistic disciplines and associated forms, materials, and practices. Develops students' making, looking, and listening skills. Through the creative process students will explore relationships to other individuals and cultures, and will review the implications of their learning for their personal, academic, and professional pursuits.
  • FINA-A 300 Topics in Art History (1-3 cr.) Specialized topics in the study of Art History. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.
  • FINA-A 303 Art Since 1945 (3 cr.) Investigates individual artists as dynamic forces whose works reflect socio-political, technological, psychological and aesthetic developments since the end of World War II.  Examines how world events, the political realignment of artists, the shifting social status of the art buyer's market, and the art movements since 1945 have influenced art today.
  • FINA-A 306 Women in the Visual Arts (3 cr.) The works and life of western female artists will be discussed. The relation to and difference of female artists approach to art historical traditions will be analyzed. Feminist theories in art history will be employed for analyzing the production of art by women in the west as to how it reflected and, at the same time, affected its political and cultural milieus.
  • FINA-A 307 Introduction to Non-Western Art (3 cr.) Introduction to Non-Western Art will introduce students to the cultural art of Non-Western societies.  The course will discuss how art is categorized in Non-Western cultures.  The historical, social and cultural role played by the arts in Non-Western cultures will be analyzed.
  • FINA-A 308 Modern Art 1900-1945 (3 cr.) P: FINA-A 101 or FINA-A 102. The class will follow a chronological development of early twentieth century art in the west. The relationship between modern art and its relevant historical, political and cultural milieus will be studied. The response of artists to, and the effect of art on, western societies will be analyzed.
  • FINA-A 309 Survey of the History of Architecture and Urbanism (3 cr.) This survey of the built environment in its social and historical context spans from the beginnings to the present. The scope is broad in geographical and cultural terms. Emphasis is on high-style Western architecture but Asia, Africa, the Americas, and vernacular architecture will also be included.
  • FINA-A 320 Art of the Medieval World (3 cr.) P: FINA-A 101 or FINA-A 102. A comprehensive study of the art and art theory of the Medieval period.
  • FINA-A 328 Art and Architecture of the Medieval Period (3 cr.) This course will examine works of art and architecture from the end of the Roman Empire to the Proto-Renaissance period.  Emphasis will be on the production and uses of manuscripts, sculpture, and architecture in medieval societies in the West and in Medieval Islamic societies.
  • FINA-A 332 Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Art in Southern Europe (3-5 cr.) P: FINA-A 101 or FINA-A 102. Beginnings of Baroque style and the pictorial traditions which spread from Italy to Spain and France.
  • FINA-A 333 From Van Eyck to Vermeer (3 cr.) P: FINA-A 101 or FINA-A 102. Survey of major artists and themes in Netherlandish painting from the 15th to the 17th century.
  • FINA-A 341 Nineteenth Century European Art (3 cr.) A survey of major artists and styles in painting and sculpture from ca. 1770 to 1900, emphasizing developments in France, England, and Germany. Topics include Neo Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism.
  • FINA-A 343 American Art (3 cr.) A basic survey of the Arts of the United States from the country's colonial roots to a position of world art leadership following World War II. The course will deal primarily with painting, architecture and sculpture. Relationships between these arts and between the decorative arts will be stressed.
  • FINA-A 390 Musem Studies I: Methods, History, Issues (3 cr.) Introduction to basic workings of an art museum: the history of museums, collection management, cataloging of objects. The course works closely with the IU Art Museum and its staff and, where applicable, with staff from other museums nearby.
  • FINA-A 399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity (3 cr.) Explores, in an interdisciplinary way, culture, cultural artifacts and the role of art in the formation and expression of a particular culture. A historical perspective on the intellectual tradition, reveals both change and deeper continuities in social and spiritual values underlying art making. Issues of practice of the craft will receive greater emphasis at this level.
  • FINA-A 400 Senior Seminar (4 cr.) P: Junior/senior status. Intensive examination of selected topics in art history. Open only to art history majors or with consent of instructor. May be repeated twice for up to 8 credits.
  • FINA-A 407 Topics in the History of Architecture and Urbanism (3 cr.) This variable title course is proposed for the exploration of more specialized topics in the history of architecture and urbanism in combined lectures, seminar and class presentation format. Topics may vary widely from Greek Temples, Medieval Cathedrals, the American Home, the Skyscraper or the work of a particular architect.
  • FINA-A 408 Art History Internship (1-4 cr.) An internship within a museum or cultural organization where the student is participating in curatorial, education or administrative Art History - related responsibilities. Application for an Art History internship includes a formal proposal and documentation from the host institution on the nature of the activity to be performed by the student.
  • FINA-A 409 Capstone Course (3 cr.) Required for senior Bachelor of Fine Arts students. The Capstone focuses the critical and analytical skills applied to visual knowledge during the student's academic career to provide a culmination and assessment of these skills. Visual Arts seniors investigate ideas about art and artists in preparation for the BFA Exhibit and to refine the intellectual tools of independent exploration.
  • FINA-A 420 Upper Level Seminar in Art History (3 cr.) This course is to investigate the literature of a specific topic in art history and highlight the methodology of this investigation. Seminars are exploratory in nature and topics will vary from year to year.
  • FINA-A 427 Theories of Color (3 cr.) Lectures, seminar discussions and personal investigation provide a basic introduction of the physiology of color, on the complex and varied history of color theory and the use of color by artists from antiquity to the present. Seminar readings expand exploration while student projects focus on one aspect of color theory.
  • FINA-A 470 Problems in Art History (1-8 cr.) P: Six credit hours of art history, junior/senior status, consent of instructor. Independent research in art history. Open only to juniors and seniors by consent of instructor.
  • FINA-A 477 History of Photography (2-3 cr.) P:  FINA-A 101, FINA-A 102. The course surveys the developments of photography from 1839 to the present in Europe and the United States.
  • FINA-A 490 Topics in Art History (3 cr.) P: Junior/senior status, consent of instructor. Topic varies with the instructor and year and will be listed in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated three times for credit.
  • FINA-M 330 Foundations in Art Education and Methods I (3 cr.) P: EDUC-M 101; EDUC-M 130. In Foundations in Art Education and Methods 1 students will explore how to create and implement an art curricula for elementary level classes (grades K-6). Students will learn about different theories of child development as well as different theories and movements in art education to create lesson plans that are meaningful, relevant, and meet Indiana state teaching standards. In addition to developing lesson plans for elementary art classes, students will learn about a range of classroom management procedures that will aide in the implementation of lesson planning. Field placements with elementary school art teachers done via FINA-M 301 Field Experience will further situate methods and theories by giving students the opportunity to teach their curricula in schools.
  • FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio-Drawing (3 cr.) Development of visual awareness and coordination of perceptual and manual skills; seeing, representing, and inventing on an experimental, exploratory level in two dimensions. Includes placement, scale, volume, light, formal articulation, and investigation of graphic tools and media.
  • FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio-3D (3 cr.) Volume, space, material, and physical force studies provide the basis for exploration of three-dimensional form; includes carving, construction, modeling, and casting using wood, plaster, Styrofoam, clay, etc.
  • FINA-F 102 Fundamental Studio-2D (3 cr.) Color, shape, line, and value structures are studied as the basis for exploration of two-dimensional spatial relationships; includes investigation of conventional and invented tools and media.
  • FINA-P 273 Computer Art and Design I (3 cr.) P: FINA-F 102. Emphasis will be placed on the exploration of digital art and design. This beginning course acquaints students with raster and vector graphics and the manipulation of peripherals such as scanners and printers. Students will be encouraged to explore personal imagery in solving assigned problems.
  • FINA-P 323 Introduction to Web Design (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 273. This course covers the technical and design fundamentals and principles of web design.
  • FINA-P 324 Intermediate Web Design (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 323. Continued exploration of web design, with emphasis on efficient, user-friendly interfaces.  Both web authoring and web animation software programs will be utilized.  Focus on multimedia - video, sound, and motion graphics to communicate information effectively over the Internet, while retaining a strong aesthetic quality.
  • FINA-P 374 Computer Art and Design II (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 273. A continuation of P273. Emphasis will be placed on two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic software, web page design and on-line publication.
  • FINA-P 453 Graphic Design III (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 324, FINA-S 351. Approaches to solving diverse problems in increasingly practical applications. Students draw on their knowledge of design principles as well as utilizing their technical skills. An investigative approach is emphasized.
  • FINA-P 454 Graphic Design IV (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 453. Professional problem solving in graphic design.
  • FINA-P 455 Advanced Lettering and Typography (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 324. Projects address topography as the primary vehicle for communicating information and supporting text content. Students will consider the formal aspect of type-setting, scale, form and legibility. A research paper will be required.
  • FINA-P 461 Graphic Reproduction Methods I (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 324. This course utilizes design projects to explore and perfect techniques for preparing visual images for reproduction. Students learn basic traditional hand techniques as well as digital techniques.
  • FINA-P 475 Computer Art and Design III (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 323. Focus on advanced problems in computer graphics (interactive/multimedia authoring) will be determined by the skills and interests of each student.
  • FINA-P 495 Independent Study in Fine Arts (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Bachelor of Fine Arts graphic design students only. May be repeated twice for credit.
  • FINA-S 200 Drawing 1 (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-F 100. Preliminary course for advancement in drawing, stressing basic visual awareness; seeing, representing, and technical command on a two-dimensional surface. Problems in handling placement, scale, space, volume, light and formal articulation.
  • FINA-S 230 Painting 1 (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-F 102 and FINA-S 200. Preliminary course for advancement in painting; exploring technical and visual aspects of color media. Emphasis on media command and structural problems in painting. Media: oil and acrylics.
  • FINA-S 240 Basic Printmaking Media (3 cr.) Introduction to printmaking. Emphasis on three basic media: intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen. Problems in pictorial composition and drawing. Study of the interrelationships of all graphic media.
  • FINA-S 250 Graphic Design I (3 cr.) P: FINA-F 102. Emphasis on visual communication through the perceptive use of line, form, and color. Elementary study of letter forms and typography. Introduction to basic tools, drawing disciplines of graphic design, and computer graphics.
  • FINA-S 260 Ceramics 1 (3 cr.) A limited introduction to handbuilding, throwing, glaze mixing and glaze application, including lectures on basic ceramic techniques. Critiques of student work.
  • FINA-S 270 Sculpture 1 (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-F 101. Foundation in basic technical and formal methods of traditional and contemporary sculpture. Use of tools and equipment for additive and subtractive techniques include: wood construction, steel fabrication, clay modeling, plaster mold making and cold casting, and assemblage. Emphasis placed on technical execution, conceptualization and creative problem solving. May be repeated twice for up to 6 credits.
  • FINA-S 271 Introduction to Figurative Sculpture (3 cr.) P: FINA-F 101. Figurative Sculpture has been the traditional method of introducing students to form, space, and proportion in sculpture. Students work from the model in clay, creating sculpture from direct observation.
  • FINA-S 291 Fundamentals of Photography (3 cr.) Basic practice of digital camera operation, exposure calculation, exposing, image file management, image optimization and digital printing. Guidance toward establishment of a personal photographic aesthetic. A digital SLR camera is required.
  • FINA-S 300 Video Art (3 cr.) Exploration of the medium of video as an aesthetic expression. Time and sound are elements incorporated into visual composition's traditional concerns. Emphasis on technical command of ½" VHS camera and editing procedures in conjunction with development of a visual sensitivity. Readings and a research project are also required.
  • FINA-S 301 Drawing 2 (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-S 200. Intermediate course in painting from the model and other sources. Emphasis on technical command of the media in conjunction with the development of a visual awareness. Continued problems in the articulation of space, scale, volume, and linear sensitivity.
  • FINA-S 302 Printmaking II Book Arts (3 cr.) A comprehensive introduction to basic book forms. Non-adhesive structures include basic pamphlets, as well as pleated, folded and tabbed forms. Adhesive structures include portfolios, Japanese stab binding, open-spine chain link binding, binding on tapes/cords and clamshell box construction.
  • FINA-S 304 Digital Imaging (3 cr.) P:  FINA-A 190 or FINA-S 291. This course combines contemporary image making and digital image processing taught together in the context of photography.
  • FINA-S 305 Graphic Design Internship (1-12 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Bachelor of Fina Arts graphic design students only. Graphic Design Internship:  is a supervised experience where students work for clients in a professional graphic design environment. May be repeated four times for up to 12 credits.
  • FINA-S 323 Intermediate Photoshop (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 273. Photoshop beyond the basics. Emphasis on collage techniques - layers and channels, layer modes, paths and clipping paths. Preparation of images for print, multimedia and web - scanning, retouching, optimizing images, as well as a variety of special effects applied to type and imagery.
  • FINA-S 324 Page Layout and Design (3 cr.) P: FINA-P 273. Comprehensive coverage of page layout. Strong emphasis on typography, including formatting, style sheets, and combining text with imagery. Files will be prepared for print, including preparation of collect-for-output reports and management of images and fonts. Features such as templates, libraries, and managing large documents will be covered.
  • FINA-S 329 Manuscript Arts and Illumination (3 cr.) This course will begin with a brief history of writing and calligraphic styles. Various decorative techniques will be studied, such as Italian white vine foliate and Celtic motifs for initial capitals. Contemporary and traditional materials will be covered, and will include working with vellum (calf skin). A history of illumination techniques (embellishing with gold leaf) will be followed by hands-on experience working with flat and raised gilding.
  • FINA-S 331 Painting 2 (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-S 230. Intermediate course in painting from the model and other sources. Emphasis on technical command and understanding of the components of painting space, color, volume, value, and scale.  Media: oil or acrylics. May be repeated twice for credit.
  • FINA-S 337 Watercolor Painting I (2-3 cr.) P: FINA-S 200. An introduction to watercolor working from still life, portrait, and the figure; stressing technical competence.
  • FINA-S 338 Water Color Painting 2 (2-3 cr.) P:  FINA-S 337. Further work in advancing technical skill in watercolor and achieving stylistic individuality.
  • FINA-S 341 Printmaking II Intaglio (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 240. Advanced study with emphasis on intaglio. Problems in pictorial composition and drawing stressed. May be repeated twice for up to 6 credits.
  • FINA-S 343 Printmaking II Lithography (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 240. Advanced study with emphasis on lithography. Problems in pictorial composition and drawing stressed.
  • FINA-S 344 Printmaking II Silkscreen (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 240. Advanced study with emphasis on silkscreen. Problems in pictorial composition and drawing stressed.
  • FINA-S 351 Typography I (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 250. Studies in visual communication with an emphasis on typography, including measurement and structure, detail and refinement, hierarchy and legibility, tools, and application to various media in digital and print formats. An introduction to type history, aesthetics and analysis are also considered.
  • FINA-S 361 Ceramics 2 (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 260. Continued practice in forming and glazing, with emphasis on wheel throwing, surface decoration, and kiln firing techniques. Instruction through lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. May be repeated twice for up to 6 credits.
  • FINA-S 371 Sculpture 2 (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 270 or consent of instructor. Development of skills in both traditional and contemporary sculpture methodology. Rotating semester topics include figurative sculpture, carving, casting, steel/wood construction, computer-aided machining and rapid prototyping, installation art, and public art. Emphasis on the exploration of ideas through the sculptural form and knowledge of materials and historical traditions. Must be repeated twice for a total of 6 credits.
  • FINA-S 381 Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design II (3 cr.) Extensive designing and model making for exploring forms and ideas in metal and mixed media, either as jewelry, hollowware objects, flatware, tea strainers and infusers, boxes, or small-scale sculpture. Focus on techniques of angle raising, repoussé and chasing, forging of flatware, stone setting, and lost-wax casting, jewelry mechanisms, hinge making, and patination of metals.
  • FINA-S 392 Intermediate Photography (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 291 or consent of instructor. Practice of black and white photography: camera work, darkroom practices, appreciation of photographs and experience in expressive use of the medium.
  • FINA-S 401 Drawing 3 (1-20 cr.) P: FINA-S 301. Advanced drawing. Continuation of S301. May be repeated for up to 20 credits.
  • FINA-S 402 Pastel Drawing (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 301. This studio class will explore different techniques used with chalk pastel and will briefly examine the history of pastel use by several important painters from Chardin through Manet, Redon and Degas.  More contemporary artists will also be examined.
  • FINA-S 403 Anatomy for the Artist (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 200. Artistic Anatomy is an intensive lecture/studio course describing all of the bones and muscles of the body. The emphasis is on joint movement and proportion. The areas of the body are divided into 3-D mass conception, bone and muscle description and joint description. Students draw from the skeleton, plaster cadaver castes and the human figure.
  • FINA-S 405 Bachelor of Fine Arts Drawing (1-6 cr.) P: Successful completion of upper-divisional review and consent of instructor required. A concentrated tutorial in the drawing craft. Craftsmanship, content, and personal style are stressed. May be repeated for up to 60 credits.
  • FINA-S 406 Artificial Lighting (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 392. Course work will include a study of technical and formal aspects of artificial lighting applied in a studio or on location. Assignments will emphasize the use of light as a visual language influencing the content of an image
  • FINA-S 417 Hand Papermaking I (3 cr.) This class will introduce students to various handmade paper techniques including recycled paper, sheet forming, pulp painting and molding.
  • FINA-S 423 Large Format Photography (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 392. Student will learn advanced photographic techniques of exposure and printing using a 4 x 5 view camera and further develop an aesthetic and conceptual understanding of photography.
  • FINA-S 431 Painting 3 (1-20 cr.) P: FINA-S 331. Advanced course in painting. Continuation of S331. May be repeated for up to 20 credits.
  • FINA-S 432 Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting (1-60 cr.) P: Successful completion of upper-divisional review and consent of instructor required. Concentrated studio projects within the framework of the B.F.A. painting program. May be repeated for up to 60 credits.
  • FINA-S 437 Water Color Painting 3 (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 338. Continuation of Watercolor Painting 2. May be repeated three times for credit.
  • FINA-S 442 Bachelor of Fine Arts Printmaking (3 cr.) P: Successful completion of upper-divisional review and consent of instructor required. Directed study in printmaking. Must be repeated twice for a total of 6 credits.
  • FINA-S 447 Printmaking 3 (3 cr.) Advanced work in intaglio and/or lithography for qualified students.
  • FINA-S 471 Sculpture 3 (3-6 cr.) P: FINA-S 371 or consent of instructor. Advanced work in sculpture for qualified students working in the chosen materials.  The course focuses on the development of ideas as manifest in sculptural form. Must be repeated three times for a total of 9 credits.
  • FINA-S 472 BFA Sculpture (1-7 cr.) P: Successful completion of upper-divisional review and consent of instructor required. Production of a body of work reflecting the student's specific interests. Students meet independently with professor and in group critiques to maintain a dialogue and provide technical advice. May be repeated for up to 60 credits
  • FINA-S 490 Advanced Photography I (3 cr.) P: FINA-S 392 and consent of instructor. Repeatable for 60 hours.
  • FINA-S 491 Advanced Photography 2 (1-20 cr.) P: FINA-S 392 and consent of instructor. May be repeated for a total of 20 credits.
  • FINA-S 492 Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography (1-60 cr.) P: Successful completion of upper-divisional review and consent of instructor required. Creation of photography portfolio and senior thesis exhibition. May be repeated for up to 60 credits.
  • FINA-S 495 Advanced Photo Systems (3-5 cr.) Junior-level course. P: Consent of instructor. The photographic process as a system, study of the nature and behavior of its several components, and the manner and means of their interaction.
  • FINA-S 497 Independent Study in Studio Art (1-6 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Advanced independent work in studio area of student's choice. Emphasis on self-motivation and self-direction in addition to intensive furthering of skills and concepts already obtained in studio classes. May be repeated for up to 21 credits
  • FINA-S 499 Bachelor of Fine Arts Review (0 cr.) P: FINA-A 409 and consent of instructor. Final portfolio review for B.F.A. program.
  • FINA-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.) Interdisciplinary exploration of a humanistic tradition regarding one of the following themes:  ideas of self, truth, beauty, community, nature, or conflict.  Writing intensive, discussion-focused. Attention to primary texts and research materials.
  • FINA-U 401 Special Topics in Studio Art (1-3 cr.) Special topics in studio art not ordinarily covered in other departmental courses. May be repeated twice for credit.
  • FINA-Y 398 Professional Practice in Fine Arts (1-6 cr.) Supervised, career related work experience in a cooperating institution, agency, or business. Evaluation by employer and School of Fine Arts. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.

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