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ALEKS Mathematics Assessment

 clas-math-1.gifALEKS Mathematics Assessment

Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is IU South Bend's math placement tool. This assessment will provide you and your academic advisor with information on your mathematical strengths and weaknesses. When registering for classes, a student's advisor will use the ALEKS score for placement in the math course giving the best chance for success.

ALEKS is accessed using any computer with a reliable internet connection. Students should complete ALEKS (at least) one week prior to attending New Student Orientation or meeting with an advisor to register for classes.

Who is Required to take ALEKS?

Students are waived from taking in the placement test if they meet (at least) one of the following criteria:

  • has transferred in a math course from another college or university that is equivalent to a 100-level (or above) math course at IU South Bend
  • student received credit for an IU South Bend mathematics course, taken as a high school student
  • student received a passing score on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam
  • student took ALEKS at another college/university within the last year

Interpreting the ALEKS Score (for tests taken March 2016-Present)

The first math course a student takes will vary, depending on the intended major. The academic advisor will help select the appropriate math course.

Score | ALEKS Score Range | MATH Course Eligibility

<10 | 0-9 | Contact the Mathematical Science department at (574) 520-4335 or email the department chair for permission

>=10 | 10-15 | Enhanced MATH-A 100

>=16 | >=16 | MATH-A 100

>=31 | >=31 | MATH-M 111

>=36 | 36-50 | MATH-K 300, MATH-M 107, MATH-M 118, MATH-T 101

>=51 | 51-60 | MATH-M 115, MATH-M 125

>=61 | 61-75 | MATH-K 310, MATH-M 126, MATH-M 119

>=76 | 76-100 | MATH-M 215

Learning Modules and Retaking the Assessment

After taking the initial assessment, students willl have the opportunity to use the learning modules in ALEKS to refresh and practice specific mathematics topics unique to their results. This will not only help placement into the recommended math course; but will also make assist the student to better succeed in that course. Students should begin their learning modules immediately following their initial asssessment.

The ALEKS assessment is valid for one year. Students can take the assessment a total of five times within one year. The first two times may be taken off-campus; subsequent attempts must be proctored at IU South Bend. The student must wait 48 hours between assessments. After the first attempt, students are required to study the learning modules a minimum of three hours before taking ALEKS a second time (if taking the test a third time, an additional three hours of studying the learning modules is required).

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