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B.S., Special Education

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Bachelor of Science in Education (Special Education)

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The IU South Bend School of Education offers a P-12 Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Education with a major in Special Education in mild interventions. The special education program is designed to prepare teacher education candidates to work with students with special needs who participate in the general education setting and/or special education setting. The program emphasizes the knowledge, dispositions, and skills required of special education teachers, and incorporates the performance standards of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

Elementary education and secondary education teacher candidates can simultaneously work toward special education licensure in developmental levels (K-6; 5-12 grades) by completing a series of courses in mild interventions.

The special education degree program has several distinct elements:

  • A recommended sequence of general-education courses
  • A professional education component
  • Student teaching and other practicum experiences
  • A concentration component

Special education teacher candidates who complete the mild interventions license should be well prepared to work with a variety of students with special needs.

Special Education Concentration

Under REPA guidelines, special education candidates are expected to complete courses leading to a concentration. Currently, candidates can complete a concentration in Pre-School Education, History, Math Education, English, and Psychology. Check with the Office of Education Student Services for further information.

Pearson CASA Core Content Exams :: Special Education Exceptional Needs

Special education students will be required to take the state approved examination. See your advisor before registering for a PRAXIS or Pearson examination.

Indiana License Types and Coverage

IU South Bend’s Teacher Education Program at both the graduate and undergraduate levels was developed to meet the license framework adopted by the state. The new framework established requirements not in terms of courses to be taken, but rather in terms of the standards that degree program graduates are expected to meet. The license framework addresses the principles set forth by the accrediting bodies for each degree program, and includes both content standards for different subjects and teaching areas, and developmental standards associated with particular educational grade levels;

  • Preschool (P)
  • Preschool-12 grade (P-12)
  • Kindergarten-6 grade (K-6)
  • 5-12 grades

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