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B.S., Secondary Education

Pictured :: Elisabeth Caudill :: Secondary Education :: Knox, Indiana (hometown)

Bachelor of Science in Education (Secondary Education)

The IU South Bend School of Education offers several degree programs in secondary education. Successful secondary education graduates are licensed in one or more content areas for grades 5-12. Each candidate’s degree program is aligned with the developmental standards for both the middle school/junior high and high school levels as defined by the Indiana Department of Education.

Candidates may select one or more of the following content areas

  • Science (candidate selects one or more areas from the following)
  • Social Studies (candidate selects three areas from the following six options)
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  • Economics
  • Geographical Perspectives
  • Government and Citizenship
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • World Languages

Candidates may choose to add the following content area:

  • Special education—mild interventions

A license in any of the areas listed above requires the completion of specified general-education courses, professional education courses, and content area courses for a total of 120 credit hours for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Candidates are advised that there are very few elective courses in the secondary education degree programs and that early program selection and advising is important for timely graduation.

For specific courses and advising information, candidates must contact the Office of Education Student Services to speak with an undergraduate advisor. For general program information, candidates may also request to speak with the department head.

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