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Minor in Counseling and Human Services Pictured :: Tara Waller :: Elementary Education :: Elkhart, Indiana (hometown)

Minor in Counseling and Human Services

The minor is designed to educate students about the counseling field and the various aspects of mental health work. The focus of the program is on academic preparation, not clinical practice.

Students pursuing the minor will not be eligible for any type of licensure for the practice of mental health counseling nor will they be prepared to operate as professional mental health counselors. Students in the counseling minor will be better trained and positioned to work in bachelor level mental health service positions.

The minor in counseling also prepares students to enter into graduate programs in counseling and other helping professions.

The minor in counseling is open to any undergraduate student on campus. It is especially relevant for students majoring in the social sciences or any other program that leads to a career requiring strong communication skills with other people. In addition, each individual course in the minor is open to any undergraduate student on campus. Students can take the classes below without being enrolled in the minor program.


The minor consists of 15 credit hours. The curriculum is listed below; currently courses are offered only once per year. Each of the five classes is required to complete the minor and there are currently no other electives available.

  • EDUC-G 203 Communication for Youth-Serving Professionals
  • EDUC-G 206 Introduction to Counseling Psychology
  • EDUC-G 208 Prevention of Adolescent Risk Behavior: Counseling Perspectives
  • EDUC-G 302 Resources for Counseling with Youth
  • EDUC-G 375 Multicultural Counseling-Related Skills and Communication

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