Pictured :: Sarah Ratkiewicz :: Psychology // Minor in Spanish :: South Bend, Indiana (hometown)

World Language Studies

Oscar Barrau, Ph.D. :: Chair
Wiekamp Hall 3115 :: (574) 520-4332 :: languages.iusb.edu


Professors :: L. Walker
Associate Professors :: Barrau (Chair), Fong-Morgan, Hernando
Assistant Professor :: Luppes
Senior Lecturers :: J. Davis, Green
Lecturers :: Hebert
Faculty Emeriti :: Beardsley, Brown, de la Torre, Febres, Guillaume, Poinsatte

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in :: French :: German :: Spanish

Minors Offered

Minor in a World Language :: East Asian Studies :: French :: German :: Spanish

Course Descriptions

Japanese  EALC :: French FREN :: German GER :: Spanish SPAN


Photo credit :: Peter Ringernberg

Academic Bulletins

PDF Version

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