Physics and Astronomy

Henry P. Scott, Ph.D. :: Chair
Northside Hall 301A :: (574) 520-4278 ::


Professors :: J. Hinnefeld, Levine, Lynker, Scott (Chair)
Associate Professors :: Schimmrigk
Senior Lecturer :: Borntrager
Faculty Emeritus :: Zimmerman
Chief Technician :: Nate

About Physics

The department offers courses in physics, astronomy, and geology, and serves three broad groups of students:

  • those majoring in physics with plans to either enter graduate school in physics, astronomy (or a related field), or to make a career in industry
  • those majoring in other natural sciences, science education, or engineering technology
  • those majoring in non-technical disciplines who wish to learn an additional physical science

Undergraduate Degrees Offered

Minor Offered

3/2 Dual Degree Program in Physics and Engineering

Through agreements with institutions offering degrees in engineering, it is possible for a student to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Physics from IU South Bend and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering another institution, following at least three years of study at IU South Bend and at least two years of study at the partnering institution. Contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy for information about this dual-degree program.

Course Descriptions

Astronomy AST :: Physics PHYS :: Geology GEOL

Photo credit :: Peter Ringenberg

Academic Bulletins

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