American Studies

Timothy Willig, Ph.D. :: Coordinator
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Coordinator :: Willig
Faculty Advisors :: Balthaser, Bennion, Colanese, Gerken, Mattox, Parker, Roth, Willig

Minor Offered

Minor in American Studies

About the Minor in American Studies

A student who wishes to earn a minor in American Studies should select an advisor from the faculty listed above and, in consultation with that advisor, design a program to be approved by the American Studies Committee.

The program must include at least 15 credit hours in courses about the United States, with at least 9 credit hours at the 300-level or above. Courses must be selected from at least three different departments. Course grades must be at a level of C– or higher to be counted toward a minor in American Studies.

Students must also complete a portfolio project designed to synthesize their work in American Studies. The portfolio includes three to five pieces of the student’s written work from courses counting toward the minor, as well as a brief, reflective essay explaining what the student has learned about the United States and its promises of democracy, liberty, and equality.

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