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Labor Studies Program

Irene Queiro-Tajalli, Ph.D. | Chair
IU School of Social Work, ES 4161 | Indianapolis, Indiana | (317) 274-6725 |


Professor | Queiro-Tajalli (Chair)
Associate Professor | Mishler
Assistant Professor | Casey

About the Labor Studies Program

The Department of Labor Studies is an academic unit of the statewide IU School of Social Work. IU South Bend students majoring in Labor Studies receive their degrees from IU South Bend.

Labor Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores issues of work and the work place, social inequality and class structure, and the struggles of workers and their organizations. In this context Labor Studies explores the ways racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia impact on working people, their families, and communities. As a field, it was originally developed to educate union members and labor leaders. Labor Studies sees labor organizations, including trade unions, as basic organizations for the maintenance and expansion of a democratic society. Labor Studies faculty come from academic disciplines such as political science, economics, history, legal studies, sociology, and anthropology. Faculty qualifications typically combine academic credentials with a labor background.

The program has a long history of working with labor in the state of Indiana to develop and deliver educational courses, which are coordinated and taught by Labor Studies full time and associate faculty.

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  • Labor Studies LSTU


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