Warren (J.R.) ShraderReligious Studies

Warren (J.R.) Shrader, Ph.D. | Coordinator
Weikamp Hall 3287 | (574) 520-4376 | religiousstudies.iusb.edu


Coordinator | Shrader
Faculty Advisors | Hernando, Ladd, Nirei, Ritchie, Zynda

About Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Religious Studies Committee. By choosing courses judiciously, a student can complete a minor in Religious Studies.

The Religious Studies Program at IU South Bend has the following objectives:

  • To facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religion
  • To provide an opportunity to study religion in a systematic way
  • To provide evidence for graduate schools (including schools of divinity) of a student’s commitment to the study of religion
  • To broadly acquaint students with the nature of religion, the main historical traditions of religion, and the roles that religion play in culture and every day life

Minor Offered

Minor in Religious Studies

Course Descriptions

Religion REL

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