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Mass Communication | B.A.

mass communicationBachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Mass Communication

About Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in mass communication prepares students for a wide variety of careers including public relations, journalism, freelance reporting, video production, editing, and other careers that focus on the use of the mass media for dissemination of information.

Degree Requirements (120 cr.)

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

Note | At least 30 credit hours must be at the 300- or 400-level. Students must complete all requirements in the major with a grade of C or higher.

General Education Curriculum (33-39 cr.)

For a more detailed description of the IU South Bend campuswide general-education requirements, including lists of approved courses, see the General Education website.

All courses certified as meeting the campuswide general-education requirements are designated in the Schedule of Classes.

Fundamental Literacies (13-19 cr.)

Common Core Courses (12 cr.)

Complete one course from each of the following four areas, as designated in the Schedule of Classes. At least one of the areas must be completed at the 300-level.

Contemporary Social Values (8 cr.)

Students must complete one course from each of the following three areas, as designated in the Schedule of Classes.

Additional Requirements (24 cr.)
  • World Languages (6 cr.) | Select two consecutive courses in one language (may be satisfied with language placement test and credit by examination)
  • History (3 cr.) | Select one course in any area of history
  • Electives (15 cr.) | Select five courses from any mix of disciplines

Minor (18 cr.)

Note | Minor courses must be approved by a faculty member in the specific discipline.

Mass Communication Core Classes (15 cr.)
  • JOUR-C 200 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • JOUR-J 200 Reporting, Writing, and Editing I
  • JOUR-J 410 Media as Social Institutions
  • SPCH-S 205 Introduction to Speech Communication
  • TEL-R 287 Process and Effects of Mass Communications
  • TEL-R 404 Topical Seminar in Telecommunications

Select one Concentration (21 cr.)
Electronic Media
  • JOUR-J 210 Visual Communication
  • TEL-T 273 Media Program Design
  • TEL-T 283 Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices
  • TEL-T 336 Digital Video Production  
  • TEL-T 434 Advanced Production Workshop
  • Two communication electives

  • JOUR-J 341 Newspaper Reporting
  • JOUR-J 351 Newspaper Editing
  • JOUR-J 401 Depth Reporting and Editing
  • Four communication electives

Public Relations
  • JOUR-J 319 Introduction to Public Relations
  • JOUR-J 428 Public Relations Planning and Research
  • SPCH-S 122 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH-S 223 Business and Professional Communication
  • SPCH-S 324 Persuasive Speaking
  • SPCH-S 440 Organizational Communication
  • One communication elective

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